Hash House Harriers Kuwait (Runners)

Dear All,

I've been trying to find the Hashers in Kuwait without success.
If anyone has information please let me know.
Thanks a lot in advance.


Hello Carlos

A google search of 'hash house carriers kuwait' gave me this link as the first result, hope it helps :top:

> http://www.thehashhouse.org.my/genealogy/kuwait/


Hi Kenjee,

No that one is a general link for the World Hash, I need the local contact.
I appreciate you tried to help me...

Thanks !!!!


Try this link  A hash house harriers group Kuwait  https://groups.yahoo.com/neo/groups/kshhh/info    It says youngsters need to click on join group hope this helps

Sorry the word was meant to be you not youngsters

Thanks Natalie
I found the group

Please if u found anyway to get hash at kuwait plz tell me
Best Regards

sent you a DM

send to me too Albertdom :D always interested in locating the running groups of Kuwait. might be just the fuel i need to get back off the couch and in half-marathon form :D

Please if u have the way to get hashers in kuwait,let me know.

I have a distinct feeling that Mawlana2012 and Plazerd aren't exactly interested in running - unless the police is at their heels. :)


what are you looking for?

Are you looking for Hares?

I can’t find where you meet. I see it’s 7pm on a Sunday but I can’t lovate the meeting point.
Any ideas?

Can you please tell me where and when to meet for Kuwait Hash Harriers?
I’m a British Teacher.

Click on this link  https://groups.yahoo.com/neo/groups/kshhh/info and then join the group (click on purple icon that says join group) and then you'll be able too I hope it works

Hi Albert

I am trying to get a Hash together for the period starting September 2018.

We are going to hold a few trails before the end of May. This Thursday April 19th there will be at least a walking trail from the Kuwait Palace Hotel in Salmiya at 6.30pm outside the Costa Coffee. The hotel is the white building opposite the American University of Kuwait . The number 15 and 66 buses stop outside.
The week after we are going to meet at the beach front Burger King in Salmiya at 6.30 on the 26th April for a St Georges Day Dragon slaying trail.
I cannot guarantee a lot of people turning up , but we are trying.
I was a Kuwait Hasher about eight years ago and it is sad to see that it is no longer functioning.

My email is ***
Best regards

Nowhere Man

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Hey Nowhere Man,

Actually the Hash in Kuwait has been ongoing but it is very small.
Have you been in contact with any of the people organizing the hash here?
Do you know Booby Trap?

I will send you a whatsapp

Fuck Asseee renamed Semen Factory

Thanks a lot for the reply, if you can keep in touch and give give me a shout when there is something happening I would be grateful.
They are difficult people to track down alright
With regard to my postings I have not had anybody interested in starting now but have had a few people want to start in September.
On On
John Kelly (Nowhere Man)

HI again John,

I sent you a whatsapp yesterday from ***
The thing with the hash people here is that they try to keep the stuff very private. Still there are hashers that have been here for years so you might know Booby Trap.

They hash on Fridays and if you want to get in touch with them I can ask them to invite you to the facebook group.

For my side I think is a good idea to meet on Thursdays, I haven't gone to hash anymore as Friday is the only day off I have and I use that day for my personal things...


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Hi Albert

Thanks for the email

Unfortunately I do not know the hasher you mentioned . I was previously here 2009/2010
Any info will be gratefully received . I am going to set up a Facebook page to see if that creates any interest and will keep aiming to get started in September.
I have had replies from people that are coming out after the summer break
Look forward to hearing from you


Nowhere Man


I’m new in Kuwait and interested in the details about the hash in Kuwait
I have been hashing in Brunei before.
Hope to join you hashers as soon as possible.

On On,

Jaap Erik van Krimpen
(Biji Kecut - GM KBH4)

Hey Jaap,

Sorry the delay, i didn't see your message.
Actually I haven't gone to has for more than a year, but i think the group is still meting every now and then.
But there is one hasher that is organizing to reboost the hash for September.
I'll keep you posted about this.
On On


I was also looking for any information. I've been on a couple of hashes but there wasn't really anything going on last year where I lived. Would really appreciate getting back into it.


I would like to join,  If you can send me the information please. Thank you 😀 ***

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Is the hash in Kuwait alive and kicking now?
I really would like to join.

On On,

Jaap Erik

Hi if u find any hasher groups please let me know thank u

my wife and i have hashed in so many places around the world. we are Alice and Wonderland (hash names of course). We are now in Kuwait. If there's a run, let us know.

By the way, the yahoo group doesn't work any more.

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Alice and Wonderland

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