Moving to Puerto Rico with your family

Hello everybody,

When settling abroad with your spouse and children, the expatriation process requires an extensive preparation.

What are the considerations to take into account when moving to Puerto Rico with your family? What challenges have you faced? How did your children adapt to their new environment?

What is your recipe for a successful family expatriation in Puerto Rico?

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Kindly note that this thread has been edited to focus on family expatriation

A lot of this has already been discussed. Including schooling, hat things to do with the kids and how to have fun on a budget.
There are many types of moves including:
Retire in PR
Move to work in the economy
Move to work remote
Move on a permanent basis
Move in a lets see how it goes basis
Move for a short term 6 months to a year

The level of comitment to learn the language, customs, make native friends, rent versus buy, are different depending on the type of move. Also the age of the kids makes a lot of difference when it comes to learning the language and the way of life.

You are not likely to get many posters as most of it has been discussed.
I read every post and remember most of the conversations even months after their postings.

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