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Dear All Members,


I am a Chef,Living in China and willing to move to Cambodia the end of next month,I like to start a small business as cafe/Pantry/Counter in mall/House cafe, any idea or advices will be very appreciated, i have visit  Phnom Penh before for 2 months and living in BKK1and want back again, i can invest about 3000/5000 USD for starting then see what will going on with me, my background is Mediterranean & Middle Eastern Cuisine and special skills in Mexican Cuisine, my experience more than 20 years in overseas,

Please contact me for any details, hope all happy and success,

Kind Regards for all


Hi Sam,
Glad to hear your thinking of starting a business here in Cambodia. You mention BKK1 and I also live in that area. Im American expat and have been living here in Cambodia for over 20 years. $3000/5000 seems a unrealistic figure for starting a cafe, especially if your thinking of renting a stall in the mall. That alone will probably cost you $5000 a month, at least in the bigger malls.

Wish you the best,


you're right, but I don't want to design a café as you imagined,just I want a small garden inside house and I can transfe to a warm and very simple cafe like some of the cafes are located in Hong Kong and Shanghai. With very low cost, and making very nice sandwiches, wraps, salads and coffee, really very simple.

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