Any body need information about Portugal residency card?

Hello every body
Hope you are all well. Which people need information about Portugal residency card and all details can context me thanks

send me your viber no please.

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Hi, how long can someone stay in Portugal at anyone time if they don't have residency.  As lm in the EU am l able to stay in Portugal without having to apply for residency?

Yes you can stay here if you need more information you can context by Viber whatsapp its more easy to expain

HI. You can stay n  Portugal for a maximum of three months if from the Eu. After that you will need a residencia from the local Camara of the area in which you intend to live  You can apply any time during the 3 months period. .  When you have the Residencia you can stay for five years, after which you qualify for a Portuguese ID card.

Hope this is helpful. regards Mark. UK ex pat.  Castelo Branco.

Hi  if a person is not from eu on visitor visa how  long one can stay in Portugal before applying for residence permit?

Hi mirzaisrar,

Why don't you give more information about the Portugal residency card and answer member's questions on the forum directly instead of asking them to text you?

You should share your experience on the forum so that everyone can benefit from it.

Thank you.

I am from NIGERIA,  I will like to replace to Portugal to live and work
Need ur assistance on how to begin the migration process.


Please take the time to read through the many posts here for the information.

You should also contact your nearest Portuguese Embassy for visa information.

Hi mirzaisrar

I'm  Malaysian, came to Portugal under Schengen Visa, and would like to live and work in Portugal. So for the start I already applied and got my fiscal no, now what is the next step to since I already got Contract for employment and my Schengen Visa expires on 8th June. Please guide me what and where shall I go next. Thanks in advance

dear israr brother is immigration still open if open what are requirents.


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I need to know all information about residency .i came from London but without visa .please can you tell me how can we apply for first residency

The answer to your questions (and the legal framework regarding residency permits) may depend in case you a E.U. citizen or a national of non E.U. state. can you clarify this?


I came from London . I was there on student visa but that time my visa expire and I came here . I don't know any body here . I m one month pregnant also. So please can you tell me every thing how can we acquire residency here . And want to know about cnai service also
Wait for your reply

I still do not understand if you are a E.U. citizen or not and what type of visa you have at this time.
A visa is an authorisation issued by a Portuguese consular office abroad and is used to enter Portugal.
If you have not entered the country legally (with a VISA) you will not be able to acquire residency.
A visa for residency (if you are not a E.U. citizen) must be requested in a consular office abroad (not in Portugal).
I hope this was helpfull.


You may want to scroll down to other threads regarding residency, immigration attorney in Lisboa, etc...
Appears all inquiries can be answered by a bit of reading.
Boa sorte!

I don't have any visa right now . I entered this country illegal . Please can you tell me how can I got residency and what will be processor for illegal person to acquire residency . If you have Any advocate number then please give me

I wanna ask how long exactly to get residnece. Because my employer told me here people are fraud make the card very late even  until 1 year more to have the card.. is it true??

Hope you are well. I am Niraj Nepal. I came to Portugal legally in March. I have my finance number. I am working in agriculture in tavira district. My manager has Applied for the social number before two months. I still have not got my social number. Some people are saying it is now impossible to get social number.
Could you please advise me if it is possible for me to get social number and later residency as well. Thank you so much, have a nice day.

I am interested in obtaining a residency card.  How is it done. I would like to work there until I obtain my  pension in 7 yrs

yes it is true. now a days getting Portugal residency is very hard.

I need sir plz

yes i need information. where do i contact you

l would appreciate  any help about residency.We plan to move  soon from Turkey .l am Turkish but mu wife has Russian passport as well...we have a daughter of 2 and an adopted boy of 15..thanks

yes i need plz give your what'sup no

Hi I'm Ranjit from india I came to Europe on schengen visa but visa expired now and I don't have proof of legal entry to Portugal and my brother is Eu national can I get residency card basis on family member of eu citizen can you give me any information please

Hi dear mybe i come to portugal with a vist visa can you gide me what can i do first for residency permit

hi Alex
do  we need to hire a  lawyer or could  we handle it by ourselves??

Hi I want to know about Portugal residency rules, I come to Portugal already 6 months I not yet get social number can give me any idea

Can I have all the details for residency card? Thank you

If you want to know more about segurance social card than call us

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Check about residence card in Portugal in the link.

I am interested in Portuguese Residency and Citizenship, any information will be appreciated.



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Work permits for non-EU nationals

Non-EU nationals can only obtain a work permit for Portugal if married to a local, or if offered a secure job contract by a formal employer. As there are regulations in place that encourage companies to hire members of other EU countries before looking outside the sphere, it can be difficult to solidify a job offer and start the ball rolling.

If an expat does manage to find a job offer, the hiring company starts the process by applying to the Portuguese Labour Authorities for the work permit with a copy of the contract. Once completed, the expat applicant must apply for a Portuguese work permit at their local Portuguese Embassy.

The work permit application process in Portugal can take up to eight months. Permits are usually granted for six months, and are renewable.

Residence permits for Portugal

While EU citizens are not required to have a residence or work permit for Portugal, it is useful for all expats to obtain one because it will act as a useful proof of residence for obtaining a local driver's licence, opening a bank account and for tax purposes.

Only nationals of EU member states are allowed to apply for a residence permit from within Portugal. All other expats must apply at a Portuguese consulate in their home country.

The documentation required for applying for a residence permit for Portugal includes:
A valid passport with at least two blank pages, valid for six months from arrival in Portugal
Two current passport photographs
Notarised letter from an employer stating the duration of employment (if expat plans on taking up a job in Portugal)
Proof of health insurance
Police clearance certificate

There are two types of residence permit for Portugal, both issued by the Immigration and Border Control Department. A short-term residence permit is valid for periods from 90 days up to one year. A long-term residence permit is valid for a period of five years and can be renewed for up to 10 years. It is important to have a valid passport for the entire duration of the intended residency in Portugal.

We are just starting the golden visa program in Portugal, by buying real estate in Lisbon. Any tips or advice is welcome,  especially if anyone has experience with Henley and partners.

Such mesured is beeing evaluated. It was created to attract high skilled professionals and to enable to stock off properties due to building sector crisis.
If you are considering make it happen soon. Possible regulatory frame change on the horizon. ( you should get more value on the dollar outside Lisbon area). Try to network with expat located in Alentejo.

Hi, am I correct in thinking the procedure for an EU citizen wanting residency in Portugal would be to get an address by renting a place where you wish to live, then go to the local Town Hall and apply for Fiscal Number, I understand the FN is important for long stay as you must have it to buy and register a car also to get signed up for the utilities, gas, water etc.

Please correct me if I'm wrong..seems too simple, also how long does it take to get the Fiscal Number?

Very informative and concise. Thanks for taking the time.

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