Suggestions for 1 month stay based in Sai gon

I,m heading back, the home sickness has got me, has any one got suggestions as to what to see out of the ordinary. I be based in HCMc and have been as far as Chau Doc, I am also scouting for a place to stay ( cheap and clean ) for 1 year commuting distance to dist 1 via m/c or bus, Natrang is on the list to visit again, but I'm looking for out of the way, L2L. Mark    P;s this is my 4th visit

also looking for suggestions regarding accommodation for the 1 month I will be around, I like bui vein but no good for sleeping , thanks

Hello Mark,

For accommodation, maybe you could drop an advert in the Holiday rentals in Saigon section of the website.

All the best

good idea, but I wont actually be , just in Saigon so a hotel or home stay seem the only option. thanks anyway

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