Trying to view property for rent

Hi, can anyone advise me on how to arrange viewings on renting property in Pattaya ?  I will be in Pattaya this month, I have contacted a number of agents who have property advertised on their web sites, not getting a lot of response, they are not coming back to arrange viewings.  Should I wait till I am in Pattaya, and go into the office, and ask to view properties,  also does an agent take you to the property or do you make your own way there ?

Many are very unresponsive to people not in Thailand and to some degree to people in country that either call or email.

Wait till your in Pattaya to make contact by walking in their door.  Have a list of properties they have listed you wish to see.

Are you in market for condo or house?

Thanks for reply, we would like to view condo and houses

I had the same problem in the past ( in Chiang Mai ), don't use email, just call them when you are in Thailand, appointment will be very quick if the agent can join the owner. I said this because it was often the case, a same house will be advertised by many agents, and some agencies will not update their website ( outdated advert ), the owner will not inform them also when their condo or house is rented, that mean lot of waste of time.

Now regarding the viewing, not all of the agencies will offer pick up service ( just ask them when you call ), some can offer this service in case by case basis, after they ask you what is your max budget, but in many cases for me the appointment was at the entrance of the moo ban ( security guard ) or in front of the condominium if you are looking for condos.

Good luck, and keep in mind that if an agent does not do his job in a professional manner just switch to another one, estate agent job is not regulated in Thailand, you can find also private owner who will advertise as well as broker

Even if you pop up inside a condominium you like from outside and the location, ask the people at the desk will give you a list of condos available to rent with phone number of the owner or brokers, at the end everybody involved in finding a tenant will have a percentage of the total commission..

Thank you for the advice

wait till you get here as things could be different ie high season

also most agents have car to show you around and this is where they earn their commission

I have never rented through them myself but I believe you may find "PremierInternational" Pattaya to be a more professional co. Google's your friend ;-)

I have no connection to them.

Also agree with others. Book a hotel for a few days then go knock some doors once you're in town.

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