What legal documents I must have before traveling & after

Dear All

What legal documents do I need to travel to Nigeria for job.
What work documents do I need to work in Nigeria.
What residence / stay documents do I need to stay in Nigeria legally.

I have never stayed in any country illegally ever before.

I want to travel with legal documents with me.
Do i need full correspondence copies with me while traveling (correspondence with consultant & with employer).

Please reply in the same order as my posted question so that any question should not be missed.

Thanks /regards.

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I hope that members from Nigeria, will soon contribute to your post by answering your questions in an orderly manner as per your request!


Read it very carefully...
Legal Documents: You Degree and educational certificates will be endorsed by Nigeria High Commission in you country and along with the stamp of Ministry of education of your country.
on basis of above, Nigeria High Commission will issue a "STR" VISA to your Passport and will provide you 4-5 sets of paper in person to you only which you will ultimately handover to your employer in person once you reach in Nigeria.

I don't know where you're traveling from but....
FYI #Nigerianembassy [at]Tunis
If you have any reason to deal with the Nigerian Embassy [at]Tunis,  please be aware that you would be better off to send your visa application through the mail to Nigeria.
I experienced corruption in the office. The embassy had my application 1 month and 2 days. After 4 trips, in a louage( two hours one way) I couldn't get an answer on why the process was taking so long. Finally I got to see the consul and he informed me that he had never seen my application...and he wasn't likely to grant it for my safety. (Apparently the man processing it was trying to keep my money without attempting to process it. )
This was not confidence inspiring so I pulled my application. It took me two more trips in the louage and sitting on the embassys' couch for three hours each time to get my money returned to me. I was forced to buy my airline ticket to present along with my application. Most of which was not refundable so I lost close to 400$ USD,  plus louage and taxi fees. It would be worth it in my opinion to jump somewhere for processing like Morocco to avoid the corruption in Tunis.

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