Need friends guidance - is 58000usd per annum a good salary?

Hello Friends

I am an engineering graduate with 15 years experience in India & trying to get a job in Nigeria
One company offered me a salary of 58000 USD per annum, with family status accomodation plus medical plus air fare once a year plus vehicle. I am trying for Business Development Manager Job at Lagos. Industry is Civil Costruction/Cement Co

Is it a average salary or below average salary.

Plz guide, should i accept it or not


Hello Nerul_Mumbai and welcome to

So as to get a good comparision of your salary I invite you to check out other threads talking about the same issue in our Cost of Living in Nigeria section of the forum.

Kenjee Team

$58K may or may not be a great salary - it depends...

So let me explain some basic guidelines...
Normally your salary -  because you are an expat - will be split into a USD component and a Naira component. The USD component is paid into your Indian NRE Account and your Naira salary into a local Nigerian bank account and this is meant for your expenses in Nigeria to live on, etc.

Family status accommodation - please ensure that it is fully furnished, including ALL cutlery and crockery, cooking vessels, etc. You may upon receiving a checklist decide then to bring some Indian vessels. Likewise for bed linen, etc. However it will be prudent of you to ask for all of the linen, curtains, etc.
Please ask if the housing is airconditioned. If not ask for it. Please ask if the electricity will be paid for. Nigeria has huge power cuts and power usually is supplied via very large stand by diesel generators. That costs money to run and maintain. So ask if the costs of diesel and of ALL maintenance w.r.t. the house are going to be met by your employers. Ideally they should. And the cost of household help.

Medical - medical facilities are in general very expensive in Nigeria, where available. Please ensure that your family and yourself are completely vaccinated - apart from the mandatory Yellow Fever and Polio Vaccines, please ensure you take the following - Hepatitis B, Meningococcal, Rabies and MMR. Some of these require a period of two months for you to take them in India - but my advise is not to leave, before you complete the full dose. Also get your dental work done completely. Likewise a visit or two to the ophthalmologist is critical. Get a spare set of glasses. Please ensure your medical insurance, includes MedVac in an emergency situation. You said you are an engineer - you may be working on or off the construction sites - so such care is critical.

Car - please ensure your car grant includes all refueling, driver salary, full maintenance and renewal of all licences required to keep the vehicle roadworthy. Here the bigger the car the better. Petrol is relatively cheaper than India - translating to Rs. 37 per litre. Diesel is much more expensive here.

If you now have checked most of the boxes on this listing, then approximately Naira 150-160,000 is all you need to live very comfortably, in fact luxuriously. That is around USD 1000 per month. That is USD 12K per annum. There is a tax on this - around 20 odd%. And the rest $46K is your saving.
Trust this answers and you can now make up your mind...

Dear Achutan

What Is the change in the numbers as on today, including the change in % Tax component, if any?

$58k annually is not that bad to live in Nigeria.
Since you are coming as expatriate, be sure you will be taken care of pretty well.

The money is good and enough to live in Nigeria.