Life and money at Indorama Eleme, Port Harcourt, Nigeria

How is standard of iving at indorama eleme, port harcourt, nigeria.

i am pure vegetarian.

whether shifting with family is advisable or not?

we have a daughter 2.5yrs old

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You might find some information on this topic here : Cost of living in Nigeria – 2015.


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Elements is a good place to move in with your family. There are neighbouring local village markets where you can buy food stuff at cheaper rate. Once in a while you can equally go down to Ariaria international market in Aba, a town very close to port Harcourt. There you can do your shopping at a ferry good price. Goodluck

Dear all, can i contact  anyone working in indorama eleme fertilizers and chemicals ltd? how's the company and do they provide accommodation ?

There is no problem indorama has separate  school and clinic the place is cool you can enjoy

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