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Hi I am Ravi,  got an offer in Drury Indusries Agbara,Nigeria, I just want to know the company is genuine ? and what is the living cost over there. Company is offering Accomadation,Transportation and will be paid utility bills as well apart from this what will be the grosssory expenses for family(Two members). Is that area is safe to live in Agbara area nogeria.USD 1500 abd local salary 60,000 niros is this adiquate salary for accounts namager position.
advice me shall i go for this ?


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Agbara is ? cool and safe place to live. Lots of exparts live there cos therr are many indusries there. Salary is ok since the company is taking carr of all your expenses.


hi agbara is in ogun state the south west of nigeria they are generally nice and safe people  im sure you will enjoy your stay but this is a verry local and naive city you will surely miss the city life . cheers

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