Cost living Gross salary 3600 brussels is enough for a good life ?

Hi !

I have job offer for Brussels that looks like this

Gross salary: 3600 euro
Net salary arround 2027+ 160 = 2187euro
+Company Car ,

I actually live in Morocco casablanca , i am CRM Consultant (IT information thechnologie) with 4 years experience.

Do you think this is enough for a profile like mine in belgium ? and if it's enough for me to have a good life in brussels and save money ? ( not married , no children )

Thanks for your help !

Hello anshl

While waiting for members to advise, I invite you to browse through threads in our Cost of living in Brussels

Best Regards

Ok I will do it thank you

Hi, Did you move to Belgium? I have also received an offer for the same package of 3600 gross per month with 13.92 and company car with non working wife and a child. Would you mind to say how much will be net every month with this salary?

I think that is okay to have a standard life in Brussels. But keep in mind that the salary  will hardly go up in 5 years time whereas you would get married by this time (if a non-working wife!!) and price of commodities will go up. Be prepared to change job after !

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