Gross/net, cost of living in Brussels for 3

I just got a job offer and I am wondering if the money would be enough for the 3 of us to live in Brussels. My family consists of me, my husband and my son, almost 5.
I received the following offer:
Your gross salary will be 3500 EUR (Monthly salary * 13.92)
Special conditions
Lunch vouchers: 5,5 EUR net/day (1.1 personal contribution)
Net allowances: 125 net per month (X12 months)
Car Allowance:  330 EUR gross/ month (X 12 on a yearly basis)

Now I run the 3500 in here: … verThree=1 and I get ~2150. I am not sure what the car thing is, - do I get a car, and then add these 330 to my gross and then run the calculator with them?
Anyway,  if I don't count the car, I am actually getting 2150 125 120. Would this be enough for us 3?
I want to go abroad because I want better education for my son, so probably the most important thing will be living in a good neighbourhood to have good school nearby.  Restaurants, bars, etc. we don't care, we won't go there :) Thank you for any input.

I'm curious about your decision, What did you do?
I'm married and we have a 3-year-old boy and I'm going to make the last interview with the company. How much salary should I expect?

If you were unemployed and got "revenue d'integration", you'd get about 1300 euro per month for 2 adults and a child. It's livable so long as you rent no higher than 600 euro.

You'd have to do some serious spending or rent somewhere high spec to get through 2.5k per month.

That money would be well enough for 3 of you.

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