How to get visa to move???

Hello there...

i want to move south korea for work, can any one tell that how to get work visa or job? how to move?

The most common way is to go through a recruiter and apply get an english teaching job somewhere in the country. They will take care of the visa for you.

Hi, thanks for the info! May I ask if you know some recruitment agency here in Geoje city (Okpo) in South Korea? I also want to live here, at the moment I am here in my tourist visa but I really want to know any procedure of how is it going to find a job here...thanks so much and I hope to hear from anyone who have idea...have a nice day!🎈

I think most of the recruitment companies are online companies based outside of Korea. They typically make you go through an application process. Then place you based on where you want to live and demand.

If you already live in Geoje you may want to check places like daves esl cafe or ask around with fellow foreigners living in the area as well. You could also go to some of the more popular schools/hagwons and just ask them if they are hiring.

             My name is salaudeen babatunde,
I need visa to move to south Korea. Pls I need your help.

what kind of job are you seeking? lve been here  for long time  and know a lot.
let me hear from you soon if l can help you.