HELP w/ visas, admission, etc.

Hi everyone!

I'm new here and I'm looking for help on how I can come to South Korea and study here.
I'm from Belgium! My Belgium peeps feel free to holla at me and help ya firl out!  :par:  would mean a lot to me  :thanks: !!! Anyone who can help as well, feel free to contact me!!

Byeee :cheers:

BTW; I like them emojis

Hi Seong,

Generally, many foreign students come and study in Korea for their undergraduate/master course or even just for language courses. Have you decided what kind of study you want to fulfill? :) Then search online and list up some schools you like. If they have international admission program, applying them and get the admission is the fastest and peaceful way to get Student visa for Korea.

Hope it helps :) if you have any further question, pls let me know.

Kind regards,

Hello parkyan2,
Im looking for a job in south korea.,factory worker is okay to me.,do you have any idea how to find a employer to sponsor my working visa?

Hi , I am looking for assistance to work in South Korea I'm from Philippines . Thank you.

For those who are seeking employment I suggest that you check out the jobs section at the top of this page and place your CV there. This is a free service for members.

Also go to 'Discover' at the top of the page and click on the South Korea Guide for  lots of information about visas etc.