What Visa Can I apply for?

Hey guys.

I am an Aussie who is married to a Korean man.

I am looking to study and work in Korea. What visa can I apply for I was told F4 but It alows me only 1 yr and I must leave the country for my visa to be renewied.  Is there any other visa that will allow me to stay longer?

All his family is in Korea and I and he now live in Australia.

Any help would be appriciated ^^

Hi Hitsugi!

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Even if you did get an F4 visa and had to renew it, it's very easy, basically it entails a weekend in Japan, if you're working for a company and they want you to stay based on a visa renewal, then it's likely they'll pay for the trip. The visa renewal system is all set up in Japan as it's a common thing to do.