Newbie looking for apartment

Hi all I'm Rachel
I'm just at the start of my Tunisian adventure, My partner is Tunisian and we are getting married next year, we are currently looking for an apartment in Lac or and properties near the British embassy. I've been on many websites and with only basic French its quite hard, is there local companies that has accommodation for workers, currently I'm flying out once a month so I would like somewhere close to the airport. Any information would be great fully received

Welcome to Tunis. There are plenty of apartments available for foreigners in Lac2 and Berges du Lac. Try to avoid to find an apartment trough real estate agent due to high charge price of this service ( 1500 tnd). Better try to find it on Tayara. You will be asked to pay 1400 to 1800 tnd for two bedrooms apartment but you can negociate and get 1200 ( however doesn't worth more than 1ooo tnd). The prices drop down 20% since the foreigners are not coming in Tunisia so will be easy to find an apartment.
Good luck.

Thank you so much for that my partner is apartment shopping today, are there cheaper Property places near to lac. Please do you know ?

Hi Rachel,
So how is it going with the appart haunting, did u find a suitable one?
If not, and I know it's a bit late but as an answer to ur qst, yeah there is Ain Zagouan, Aouina, Sokra, Centre urbain Nord areas which r close to the airport and a bit cheaper.
Good hunt and welcome to Tunisia :)