Advice moving to Tunisia

HI everyone, I am Leslie, a British-Colombian journalist. My partner from Italy and I will soon be moving (late September) to Tunis to study Arabic and English. Any recommendations for language schools? Also, where should we live in Tunis? How much should we expect to pay for a nice small apartment? I have lived before in Arabic countries but have never been to the North of Africa and know very little about cost of living per month. Any advice and recommendation will be very much appreciated.

hi leslie 
here you have a handy link
hope that help salamm

HI Riadh,
Thank you for your prompt reply. I Have already contacted this firm and they are incredibly expensive.
Thank you so much for your help.
I will also be looking at a private teacher if you happen to know anyone qualified please let me know
Thank you again,

I too will be moving to Tunis or la Mars next year. I'm lucky that my daughter and her Tunisian husband will locate there from Paris in a couple of years. If you're looking for a place to live go on Craig's List as there are things on it.  Also look at this great page:

hi tunisiaboi you are very welcome ! la marsa is very very nice choise its very nice city and prety luxury there . but also expencive comparing with other citys .
and for you leslie i hope u can find something interessting soon ;)

hey leslie here is a very interessting school ive been there to learn english language :) its very good . i hope its not expencive for you .
down in the page u have the phone number i think the best is to call them  and ask for more detail and handy information :)

Thank you so much!!!

ur welcome

Hi Leslicat,

I live in a small town, just 10 minutes out of the center of Tunis in a good middelclass area. I pay 600 dinars for a 4 room furnitured appartment. if you want to move to highclass areas like La Marsa/Gammarth, Enassr its another story and another life there :-) Regarding the cost of living you can easily make it work for 200 dinars a week. you can have a good meal on a restaurant including something to drink for 5-7 dinars. if you any other questions let me know and i would be glad to help you :-)

Thanks Alenxandar. What is the name of your neighborhood? How is the transport to downtown? We have a budget of around 700 dinars for a furnished apartment per month so a neighborhood like yours may me suitable. Thanks again for the info.

With that budget, I dont think u will have problems finding an apartment. Actually i saw, the other day, a poster with an appartment for rent at the local grosery store, here in my city i will see if an get a phone number for you. The name of my city is Hedi Nouira, Ariana. I normally take a cap when going to downtown. It cost around 3,5 dinars to go there. and 50% more after, i think 9pm. Regarding public transportation, i have no idea to get around, so i stick to the caps :-)

hi leslie ! tell me how u wich your place to be and im sure i can help you ... how big how far from where you gona work or study , what are your priority ...

HI guys, I'm in Tunis at the moment, if you know about an apartment for rent in down town tunis or close to it please let me know. The apartment has to be furnished.
Any help will be greatly appreciated,
Warmest regards,

Hi Leslie,

Im moving out of my apartment this wednesday. By car it will take you 10-15 min to get to Tunis Downtown and it's fully furnished. 3 bedrooms and 1 livingroom. Rent 600 + water/gas


Depending on the area and neighbourhood, Alexander's propsal could be really interesting, because, 600TD, is more or less the price for a furnished studio.

Thank you all very much. I have contacted Alexander and hopefully all works out.
Regards and thanks again!