Cost of Building a House in Susse

What is cost per square meter for building a house.  The cost of buying land is separate.

There is a very wide variety off expected costs. You can find the same construction material, let's say wall tile that costs 15 TND per sm and an other very similar in shape but very different in quality that costs 80 TND per sq may be more.
The foundation, the brick and other commun things are almost similar in price but what makes a huge difference is the detail such as the floor and wall covering, the carpentry (alu+wood), the lighting, the sanitary equipment, low voltage (fire detection, alarm...), eventually landscaping...
As per my experience, you need to expect 1000 to 3000 TND per sm not including the land neither the indirect fees like the design team (Architect, Engineers, test company, supervisor...)

I am a licensed specialized consultant agreed by the Tunisian government and this is my job. I assist people who plan to build a house or facility From A to Z. From the choice of the architect to tender bids and choice of the contractors to the construction management until the final acceptance through a very complicated procedure that I could with pleasure explain later.

Please find below a first link to my interactive CV and a second one showing a report I worked on once.

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