2 different sponsors for 1 person Visa

I applied to 2 different universities for admission. Fortunately I got accepted into both of them. One university has applied for my Visa to Indonesia earlier, however I am more interested now to the program offered by 2nd university where I applied later. When this later university tried to apply for my Visa with Immigration office, it was told that one university has already applied for my Visa.

How this problem can get resolved? Will the immigration office will accept this new application from later university? I will be grateful if I could get any advise and suggestion in this regard.

They first university have to cancel the Visa, there will be paperwork involved and charges

Thank you very much happyhour for the information. I am sorry for disturbing you once more. Does the Visa and Study Permit have a specific duration as well. I mean will these documents expires themselves if one does not avail them. Thanks and regards.

Do you know what kind of visa is applied, whether it is just Sosbud or perhaps student KITAS ?

Once the visa is approved and ready to collect at the consulate overseas one need to get it within a certain period of time (2-3 month).

If you don't do, it will expire and the process needs to be done all over again, still it can also be possible that you will then be red marked in the system and a new visa will not be granted.

Thank you very much for the information. It is social budaya visa.. KITAS will be issued once I get into Indonesia and join the university.

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