Credit cards and deposit

Hi all,

I am looking to get a bank card that will allow me to shop online and I was previously told I will need a credit card, as the standard debit card here will not allow online purchases.

I currently have a bank account with SBM and I recently asked if I could have a credit card I was told I would have to give a deposit of 2x the credit limit. 

When I checked with MCB, I was told I would also need to give a deposit.

Are there any credit card providers that issue credit cards without a deposit?

If the credit itself is not mandatory for you, SBM has an option - Smile card. It is VISA card and I used it successfully for online shopping. No any extra deposit was required. You able to spend only amount of money which you put on card.

Hi Olga,

This is my plan B :-)

From what I understand though, I have to go in-branch to top it up each time, I cannot transfer money onto it online from my account can I?

Yes, you understand it right. It is impossible to do a transfer. And there is no internet banking for this type of card.

HSBC will ask you a 115% deposit which is still better than 200% (even though I agree it's kind of surprising especially since I banked with HSBC for a long time in France where I have Premium status).

try hsbc bank.

I also use the SBM SMILE prepaid card...and while very convenient, it is to be noted that it does not work on some websites especially those 'Secured by Visa' where you need your online banking username and password.

Try CIM. No deposit required

Dark-Knight11 :

Try CIM. No deposit required

Even for non Mauritian nationals?

I am pretty sure the bank will not require any deposit in case you have a monthly fixed income on your account.

look into the prepay cards from either HSBC, MCB  or Afrasia
no deposit required, you can top up online, and use it for online payments as well as POS in shops restaurants etc

You don't need to bank with them to get the card either!

Fireworks C :

I am pretty sure the bank will not require any deposit in case you have a monthly fixed income on your account.

Just checked with CIM and they want a deposit, so can add them to the list along with SBM, MCB and HSBC who all ask for a deposit. So I will assume it is likely that all providers will ask for one.

Thanks gurj, I will look into the prepaid cards that let you top up online and see if that is a better option.

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