Need help from spanish speakers in Dubai (from Latin America)

Dear all,

I am planning to start my own online business very soon. Latin america is one of the market that may have a big demand for my product. But I have some information I want to know regarding the culture/market/spanish language, etc.

I would really appreciate if there is anybody here who would give me some information on that. (maybe by private messages here, or meeting for a cafe or by skype.)

Thanks in advance


I can provide some help as I have experience marketing products in several locations in latin america.

Oh that is good to know. Thanks mate.

I would like to pm you but apparently I am not allowed to do it.. 

Can you contact me by my email? It's ***,

Thanks, and I appreicate.

Hello, I am Spanish if you need any help let me know.

hi, do you have time to teach spanish?

i am Indian but fluent in Spanish and have contacts  in Spain ,
i am based in Dubai since years.
maybe i can be useful for u.

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