Taking out money in other countries from bank account in Venezuela?

Hello, I am just wondering if anyone knows if is possible take money out of your bank account in Venezuela, mainly Mercatil Bank, using a Maestro card in a country outside of Venezuela? I know other atms have the Maestro symbol on it, but is possible access your bank account outside of Venezuela?
Thanks in advance for the help.

Kind regards


you cannot use a venezuelan card in Bolívares outside Venezuela. The only way to get money out of the country is to buy $$ and carry them with you when you are leaving.

Forgot to mention that instead of buying US$ cash in Venezuela and carry them along you can also buy US$ in transfer which already are outside Venezuela. If you want to know details about that possibility please contact me in private: ulrichdaniels@gmail.com

By the way: I live in a building which we built in Porlamar for a company from Limerick!