looking for chinese english translator

looking for chinese english translator in china and india also....
very urgent .....
please reply back.

Please leave an Email address.


Hello Jaspreet281! :)

You should post an advert under Beijing classifieds, category-jobs.

It might help.


i have done that...thnx

do you know any one who can do it????

Hi Jaspreet281!

No, i'm sorry, i don't know any Chinese-English translator.

Hopefully, someone will respond back to your query soon.

Good luck!


Hi,my friend.I have checked your profile.It shows that your want the translator who can works for you in market research field.Can you give me some detail information about this job,including the requirement and treatment.I have some friends who is major in business english,please contact me if you are interested in that.

jaspreet281 hi

not a big problem.

Please send info regarding number of pages and maybe one sample page and will ask someone to give you a price quotation.

hey thnx for ur reply,
basically  we have a branch of my company in shanghai and i require people who can transcribe english and chinese well.

since most of our clients or respondents are chinese we require a transcriber.

you can visit our site mmrss.com

you can also schedule your interview by calling 0086-13162619330

my email id is jaspreet.s[at]mmrss.com

since most of our clients or respondents are chinese and we have contionous projects there so we require a transcriber as a freelancer or on complete payroll.

nothing like a page translation.

my email id is jaspreet.s[at]mmrss.com

Sorry you lost me there.

Am I correct in understanding that you are looking for part time people to translate (transcribe? is that Indian English?) from Chinese to Indian English / American English / British English?

This is a Beijing forum. Are you looking for people living in Shanghai or in Beijing?

het the clients are from various parts of the world so any type of english is not that big problem...

burt yess i am looking for people who can catch my branch there in shanghai and translate well with sitting beside th client...

lastly i had no idea of whether it is Beijing or shanghai blog....its just that i thot i reached th china blog....since people are connectd....

If you are in Shanghai then go to one of the FC Club (Shanghai) networking events. You should be able to find someone there.

thnx manlin......will keep in touch

i can do that.im a chinese girl.my email address ist sunny_sun_1112[at]hotmail.com

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