what VPN I can download while in China

My name is Michael I'm a 65-year-old Australian. Please I would like to know what VPN I can download while in China and use (not a VPN that I can download while outside China before coming in)  I have a friend who needs to access his bank app in China but can't do so because of no VPN

ExpressVPN have download links that work inside mainland China, but they don't show them on their web site, and they change them from time to time too so there's no point in me telling you.

It's unusual for a Bank app to not work, though I've seen one of them use a Google service for the captcha thing which means you can't log in...but once you're in, it is fine. I usually complain to the bank since it should be easy enough to avoid Google, on their web site at least - it shows a lack of interest in supporting their customers world-wide.

@paul1rickly  hi , ask your friend to download Astrill, I'm using it for more than then years . Or you can give me his email I can forward it to him

FWIW, ExpressVPN is largely not working for me as of the past month or so. They gave me a free month's subscription because of that. Previously, it has worked most of the time, with some 'outage' during political events.

I don't know how well the other ones work...I'd imagine it varies a lot depending on location and ISP.

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I switched to Astrill, and it is notably better than ExpressVPN, imo - even when ExpressVPN was actually working.

IINM, they have an obfuscated url for a page for people in China, so perhaps you can find that and send it to your friend.

@mrangry   Aox vpn worlds all my UK apps and it's free

Hi guys, i am Mary from China. it is very hard to open outsite of China website. also ,cant download any VPN software of app like freegate latest edit. so please help me download this vpn and send it to my email [link moderated] ,then i install it maybe can open websites outside of China and can use Facebook and so on. Thank you so much.



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Aox. VPN is the best Mary

thanks your telling me but i cant download in China. be locked . if some one help me download and send it to my email ,then i may install it then use it .at that time ,i can open English website overseas. hope friends here can help me to download it . thank you so much!

Do you have WeChat