Is Zoloft available in China?

Hello, I have been in China a couple of months. I take a small dose of Zoloft each day for mild depression. I brought some with me from home but it will run out in a month. Does anyone have any information about the best, hassle-free means of getting that medicine in China.

I am in Zhengzhou if that helps at all.

Thanks in advance,


Of course.

You write the name on a scrap of paper and walk into any pharmacy and they will look it up and give it to you. Often they will offer you a choice between a local Chinese version and the imported (and super expensive version). Take the local, it's often just as good.

Really? I contacted an English- speaking doctor in Zhengzhou and he said I needed to sit down with a Chinese psychiatrist before getting even the minimal amount of Zoloft.

I do not need a psychiatrist. I need 50 mg (the lowest dosage available) to offset a minor anxiety disorder. The thought of sitting down with a Chinese state doctor to discuss my mental health is rather intimidating. Will it affect my employment?

If I can just walk into a pharmacy  and request it that would be fantastic.



Vannrox, do you or a friend have experience of walking into a pharmacy and requesting Zoloft without a prescription? I don't want to look like an idiot.

I walked into a pharmacy in Shenzhen and got my Zoloft. This was in 2004, and things might have changed since then.

No worries.

You live in China and you won't need Zoloft.

OK. Just you try. If they won't give it to you, you go to the hospital and see a doctor. Issue solved.

Really!  Don't make such a big to do about nothing.

OK. Here's some history.

Back when I first moved to China, I was still living in the USA and traveling back and forth to Shenzhen. At that time, I was prescribed zoloft and trazadone.  What I did was that I gradually reduced my dose, but kept the reduction secret from my doctor. I then saved the prescriptions.

When I moved to China, I used the prescriptions that I had saved up.

Under the advice of my GF at the time, I continued to reduce my intake...slowly over months until I no longer needed to take the medication.  The big thing is that many...many...many of the stressors that are available in the USA are non-existent in China.

I haven't taken any anti-anxiety medication for over ten years.

For a while, I bought some over the counter at the Chinese pharmacy. But, like I said earlier, that was years ago. If you insist in taking medication go to a traditional Chinese herbal doctor and follow their instructions. You need to undo the harshness of Western life and lifestyle.

China will eliminate the causes of your anxiety...provided you let it.

Anxiety is a serious issue, but if you can...get off the medication. Start living life and  spending time with friends and family.  Best of luck.

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