Where to get Cialis / Viagra without prescription

Anyone know if any pharmacies that don’t require prescription in shanghai?

First of all, China is not the United States. In general you do not need a prescription for most medicines. (I said "most". Don't you go trying to self-prescribe cocaine or Oxycontin.)

For Viagra, you can by generic versions just about anywhere. This includes many mom and pop stores. They are much cheaper than the "official" Viagra product. It will come in a box with a picture of a Viagra shaped blue pill. Yup! That's the deal. Last time I checked it was around 20 RMB for ten pills.

You can go into any pharmacy. They will carry it. You just write the words "Viagra" on a slip of paper and they will show you a couple of boxes. As a sales person they will want you to buy the box with the most number of pills. This will cost some money. As you will need to pay USA prices for that pill. Roughly 125 RMB for a pill.

I'd just get two or three pills if I were you.

Cialis is also available in just about every pharmacy. Price is higher. At around 135 RMB for a pill. But, you do know that Cialis is the premium product Right? And you will pay American prices for it. Just write the name on a slip of paper and they will give it to you. No big problem.

The only issue is to be wary of counterfeit Cialis tablets. Some of the smaller chain pharmacies have counterfeit Cialis pills made out of generic Viagra base material. Yes, and you do know that you can tell the difference between the two. Right? I would advise you buy one tablet and see if it's the real deal. Cialis will work for four days with erection on demand. Viagra is a single shot, single dose pill, and does not react well with alcohol.

Do not be afraid. Prices will probably be higher as you are in the Western city of Shanghai. But access to these medications are not restricted like they are in the USA. Best Regards.

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