Meeting new friends in Algiers

Hi there. I just moved to Algiers. I am married to an Algerian. I am originally from Georgia. Would be nice to make new friends in Algiers.

Hello there. I would like to meet sisters and make new friends.

Hi there, I am a Muslim revert expat in Algiers. Would love to make new friends.

Assalam sister speak to sistersue, she is great at helping people all time and she is very often online

Hi, I sent you a friend request :)

I work in Hassi Messaoud. It can be very hot,but I dont mind. Sometimes I travel to Alger and would like to see the city,but our security wont let us out. All I get to see is Ben Aknoun route from airport to Hydra. But the city looks beautiful!

Dearest sister

I am a revert muslim expat, living in Algeria with my husband. Would love to meet new friends

Hi all,

A new thread from your previous posts has been created in the Algiers forum, to accentuate your chances meeting new members.

Good Luck! :)


you are welcome

Hi  natia,

Gilocav gogo :p ... you are more than welcome, i have many Georgian friends i can tell you that Georgian are so nice, i hope you enjoy your stay here .


algerian people are welcoming and u will feel like at home be sure that people will love you so much and of course you can make as many friends as you want and they will never decieve you .   We can be friends

Hi there. I would like to meet new sisters
and make new friends. :cheers:

I am moving to Algiers in January, my husband and kids are already there.  I am from Jacksonville Florida

hi yvettemonique
we are also moving to Algeria in December
and would like meet new friends  :cheers:

Hello...May I ask where in Algeria you will be staying? There is a large ex-pat community in Algiers..

the city of Algeria will be living in Bab Ezzouar

Hi AASUMAD27....
Sorry not been on in a while...
Yes Babszzour is quite central,lots of sisters around there...we go to the shopping centre there quite often...monthly get togethers,bring n buy bazaar's,crafting get togethers..the list goes on...sisters from all over the world basically😊 Send me a pm,we can have a chat InshAllah..Susan..

Hi Susan,

Where and how can I find out about those get-togethers?
Would be nice to meet new friends here in Algiers.


Hi Zabrina,
You need to go on FB if you give me your name on there I can connect you to everyone...can I ask where you are living and where are you from?

Hello dear ,

I’m new in Algeria and a little bit lost .
I would appreciate if you could tell if there was any social media groups for foreigners in Algeria to make new friends in Algeria.

Regards ,

hello dear..i am from Tanzania and i am now studying in Algeria..i would love to get intouched with you.

Hello Madam,
First of all, welcome to Algiers :)
I will be happy to exchange with you and give you advice to adapt to life in Algiers. Do not hesitate to contact me!

Hello Nouredine, Welcome man  you are between you brothers no need to search for a Facebook group or meetup, just walk around the cities and you will make hundred of friends :)

Nice to meet you , welcome with us here in Algeria

haaiiii welcome to algeria and i hope you have a happy marriage


I am flying into Algiers next month, August.  Any advice?  I would love to find a contact who speaks English in case I need any help or advice.  Thank you in Advance.

Hello there ^^
I’m from Algeria and my eng is okay I guess haha 
It’s my pleasure to help u ... I don’t the things that u need know about it , i mean u will come to live here or tourism?!!
Hmm I guess u come to Algeria and it will be my pleasure to help
I be here If u need anything 😊
Wish have good traveling
And welcome Algeria

Love to! What is the best way to contact you?

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