I tend to use cash most of the time as I'm never all that sure about the security of electronic transactions here (paranoid?), but this might well provide a solution.


That way you can control the available balance, so able to use the card for larger transactions, but have little risk of losing much if someone tries a rip off job on you.

Opinions about these, and card fraud in Indonesia????

A year and a half later has seen me using a BCA Flazz and a Mandiri etoll card for a wide variety of transactions from simple shopping in Alfamart, paying toll road charges, and even car parking in shopping centres.
The toll road cards are generally used at automatic toll gates (GTO), and they commonly have no or very short queues when the cash gates are jammed. I strongly recommend them for any regular toll road user.

These cards have proven very useful and have no serious issues to complain about. Some places have problems with their machines from time to time, but that's not much of a pain and there has been no attempt at fraud, so I have to come down in favour of using these cards.

There are many such cards available now, but the BCA Flazz and etoll seem to be the most popular, thus the most useful.
One other note - The banks are trying to get exclusive access to some events such as the motor show in BSD a few weeks ago, meaning all transactions in the food courts had to be done using an etoll (or other Mandiri card). The two I have pretty much cover me for everything and save all that messing about with loose change weighing your pockets down.

Topping up these catds is pretty easy .... mostly.
The Flazz can be topped up st a lot of BCA ATMs, but not all yet, or in most shops that accept Flazz payments.
The system still seems to have a lot of breakdowns, but it seems better this month.

The etoll can be topped up in a lot of shops that accept it, but some will only top it up from a Mandiri ATM card.

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