how much i can earn with raise a pig

bob18 ~ Presumably anybody who owns a piggery understands that each Sow is capable of bearing 10 piglets every cycle. You need to redo your math.

To me, in doing any kind of business you should first do the mathematical aspect. There you have to decide how much do you think your time is worth. Especially the time you personally invested in the business. If its not worth to even try, dont do it. Its that simple.  I.e. If you are earning, for example, 50k a month. Pigs are usually ready for market after 3 or 4 months. So if you will personally take care of the piggery, you should at least earn 200k each month to consider the business good enough to "retire" to. But that's the irony of it, you dont actually retire and seat like a like in a piggery business especially if you dont have extra pair of hands to do the dirty job, the hard aspect of the piggery business. So in doing the math, and market research, you realized you can only profit around 5k each pig months 4 months, you were earning 200k prior to this piggy business, divided by 5k, that means you have to sell at least 40 pigs in 4 mos. Or 10 pugs in a month in order for you to earn as much as your previous job. What you should do is buy 10 piglets per month for 4 months so as the first batch of pigs mature or becomes marketable size in the 4th month, you can already expect a 50k income. Buy another batch of piglets as soon as you dispose of the 10. Cycle through the process and you are guaranteed of 50k income per month. But in my experience, always start with a number divisible by 20 piglets. Yes its a bit big to start with, that's i also suggest you first invest in a farm land conducive to raising at least 40 pigs. Next concern would be your health. That's where
patagis or goosegrass comes in.

I have noticed, you never get any straight answers or real numbers from this user . Nothing but negativity. How does, "Who told you . . . " help anyone?

Valuable information. Thank you.

Your advice is stupid and utterly unhelpful.

You simply don't know what you are talking bout.

Why would anyone need heat in a country that never gets below 70 degrees F?

Earthking :

Why would anyone need heat in a country that never gets below 70 degrees F?

Baguio  at night in January.

It seems that I am missing out on a great money making opportunity ...

bob18 :

It seems that I am missing out on a great money making opportunity ...

"Seems" being the operative word.

Very much so ....

Hey!! Im an OFW and been obsessed with the whole farming lifestyle style :) i watched alot of Filioino agriculture etc on youtube.

I just saw this thread now its 2018.
I am wondering how did it all go ?? Did you end up getting that pig ??check Jay (a filipino native pig breeder on youtube ).

So it got me wondering, How does one start a farming business in Ph?? Do you just buy land then start??
I dont know how the law works there/permit.
I would like to breed pigs to sell, and have a licence to open food

like know about raise pigs  Philippine  wife marry get into the business. her family has raise pigs

How much is the pig from piggery? Thanks!

Mortality is high with pigs. One mortality within a medium size litter will suck up any profits, 2 mortalities and you will out the door backwards. If you do it and suffer sick pigs, slaughter them and place in the deep freeze before they die, and they mostly do die especially if it is a lung related disease. If it's standing alone, head down, no appetite...that's your signal.

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