Looking for advices - Live in Vancouver

Hi everyone !

I will flight to Vancouver in few days for a 4-months internship downtown. I think that I will live in an hostel the first days to take time visiting the city. But I am already looking for some information and advices about finding an accommodation in Vancouver.
My budget is 500$ max. I was thinking about a collocation.
But I don't know how to start my researches, in which areas of the city, and everything.

Could you help me? :)

Thank you!

That might be a tough one. As you probably know, Vancouver is one of the most expensive cities in the world to live. It's a beautiful city, but not cheap at all. I would suggest to look at Craigslist, Province newspaper and see what is out there. Before you decide to move to a certain place, talk to people you will be working with and also that know the area, to make sure it's safe. Like any other city in the world, there are areas you don't want to live at. Good luck!

Indeed, I saw some information about Vancouver like insecure areas and cost of living. Actually, before accepting the job, I was already aware of this.
Which area of the city would you advice me, working downtown?

Thank you for your time, it is really pleasant to have answers :)

I personally like the area around Granville island and the Olympic village, it's beautiful, but not sure about the prices there. You can take a bus to downtown from that area easily. Mount Pleasant area is also nice and close, of course the part towards UBC is good too. Maybe that would be a place to find some shared accommodation because lots of students share. But not sure about the timing right now, the best would be in between semesters, but you can trey and see what is available.

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