Looking for temporary place to Stay -VANCOUVER- 11 August to 25 August

Hey there, going to be visiting friends and family in Vancouver from 11 Aug to 25 august and am looking for a cheap,clean, affordable and safe private room or apartment for myself and daugther.  Would prefer it to be female only and be near bus tranport routes etc.  Let me know if anyone knows any place as I am on an extreme budget.  Thanks Sam

If you're looking for good accommodations at a very reasonable price you may want to check out the YWCA (Young Women's Christian Association) Hotel on Beatty Street. While it's not female only it is family only so single men are not guests. Check out their site for rates, photos and other information.


I'm sure this will be exactly the kind of thing you're looking for and it's right in the heart of downtown Vancouver.

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Thank you

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