New members of the Russia forum, introduce yourself here - 1st quarter of 2015

Hi all,

Newbie on the Russia forum? Don’t know how to start?

This thread is for you ;)

We invite you to introduce yourself on this topic, to share with us your expat story if you are already living in the country, or to tell us more on your expat projects in Russia if you are planning to move there.

It will enable us to help you better but above all to wish you a warm welcome.

Welcome on board!

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hi all dear Expat.coms...
       Im ghem newly arrived here in moscow and i want to explore the beauty of russia..
And i also want to find work as well

Thank you blogers....

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Hi I'm Arvin. :D .living in Moscow now.

Hello Arvin, What brings you to Moscow? And where do you come from.

I`m going to Ekaterimburg in September to study for one year

Hi, I am Victoria. Looking for friends here in Moscow. I am russian but in Moscow also new person )) This city is pretty cold ((( So want to find good friends with same interest as i have to spend time together.And as i work with foreigners last years, i prefer to make friendship with them )

I am just looking for a job abroad. I live here Russia 3 years, but now because of the situation, I would like to leave. Maybe I am going back to the UK, or Asia. Now I am looking for oportunities.


It's a love story husband cannot come back to USA and wife has chosen to go to him.   I am looking for a one room flat to purchase or a reasonably priced rental or shared house or apartment to have some memories together / nothing fancy just a safe area prefer moscow or close by

My fiance and I come from Michigan, and I just accepted a teaching position at Moscow Economic School which begins in August 2015. My reasons for joining this forum are to find housing for our one year contract, take in any advice, and also to find employment for my fiance, an International Relations/Environmental Studies major.

Hallo guys! I am here, in Russia, not for the first time but it is the first time I came here in hope to find a work. I am interested in english speaking groups in Moscow so that I can participate.

Hey guys, I come from Switzerland, from Lugano, but I lived in Zürich and Geneva aswell. I'm able to speak six languages (Italian, French, English, German, Russian and Spanish) and have an economic background. Right now I'm looking for a 3-months job in Moscow (especially in a huge company), so, in case you could help me, don't hesitate to contact me here  and I'll send you my CV and motivational letter.
Thanks for your attention!

PS: I've already been 4 times in Moscow and I really love the city and the people, that's why I would like to spend more time there.


I see the that the Russian currency / economy is now at junk status.

Great day to everyone..I'm Myrna came from the philippines .almost half year of my daylight and night break in Moscow, hope I can still go on with the pressure here.

Hello, beautiful souls! I am Olya and I live in Moscow. On this site because I would like to improve my English, help those who want to practice Russian as well. I like to walk around, visit galleries, exhibitions, interesting events. If you want, you can join me anytime. If you need advice, support or anything, I am here too!
Also every week I organize Anti-Alcohol Saturday. We meet at anticafe, talk, drink coffee-tea, play table games. Not big crowd but it's very friendly and cozy. 
Much Love!

Welcome to you Coffefor2,

Thank you for the help you bring here!  But In fact for language exchanges there's a section called Language Exchange in Russia, you are most welcome to drop an ad here to widen your chances. ;)

Little precision this page is mostly for new members in Russia to introduce themselves.

Good Luck!


Hi! I'm Sofie and I'm a copywriter currently working at PwC in Brussels. I'm considering to move to Yaroslavl in Russia as my husband has been offered a job there. My interests include music (especially a capella singing), reading, hiking, travelling and vegetarian cooking. Any other singers of veggies living in Russia who'd like to share their experience with me? :)

Hi, I am Myla C. Supena I just arrived here 3 weeks ago. For a start I am looking for a teaching assistant job . I have a degree in Elementary Education and a teacher in the elementary for 14 years. Married with 3 children.

Hola !!! Hello,
Argentinian in Moscow................


Hello all.
My name is Maria. I have just arrived in Moscow and am looking to find new friends. I am from Greece but have spent much of my life in the U.S. I live in Thessaloniki, Greece. Are there any Greeks out there? I speak both Greek and English fluently, but no Russian. I am employed as a Business English instructor. I would like to meet people who speak my language(s) so as not to go stir crazy as I know no one here. I am a very active older woman interested in theatre, food, sports, going out, just about anything. I am also looking for a room to rent not far from the centre.  :D

Welcome Maria,
I am from Argentina, currently living in Moscow.......


Hi i am Zaid Rafique. I am seeking a part time job .

Hello Zaid Rafique,

This thread is for the presentation of new members in the Russia forum.

Seeking for jobs, makes you  :offtopic:

You should post an ad in the Jobs in Russia section and not on the thread.

Thank you for your comprehension.

Hello Daniel and all.Thanks for the welcome. So far I am very happy here. Everyone seems so friendly which is vital to enjoying one's stay in a foreign country.

Stay well and happy.

Hi everyone!
My name is Mane. Moved to Moscow in October, 2014. I am very friendly girl looking for some new friends in this "grey" city.

Hello.  I'm new to the blog, but not new to Russia. I have been living in Moscow since September. I have been to Russia traveling many times before. I love Russia for some reason. I was a lawyer in the USA, but took a sabatacle to teach. I would love to teach Russian.  I'm fluent and always learning.

welcome chydesno !!!

Thank you!  :top:

Hello, everyone!
My name is Alex. I live in Saint-Petersburg now.
I have my own tour-agency here, but i want to change my occupation and study to be a software developer. Becides, i'm a professional studio photographer. I want to move to the USA in the next 1-2 years.

I'm for the first time on this forum, sorry if i chose a wrong topic!

I would like to find new friends in the USA, new friends from Saint-Petersburg's (Russia) are also welcome! Becides, i'll be glad to help, converse, meet with foreign people on-line or personally in Saint-Petersburg to share some info or experience of living here.

Hi, My name's laura,  I'm currently living in Belgium but next year I'll study 4 months in Moscow.


I'm Akshay. I'll be pursuing my Masters in engineering in Russia.  :)

Hello my name is Arthur I'm Russian if someone have questions about Moscow or Russia i will be glad to answer them or to help you I used to go to school in a different country with a different language so I may know how you feel so don't be shy


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