male Pakistani and girl Filipino both are muslims,

how to marry in saudi arabia ? what is the procedure if girl father not present at saudi arabia ?


Both you need to go to the civil affairs court to do the marriage contract (Nikah).

Your fiancée needs anyone from her guardians who can accept this marriage according to Islam.
Even if her father or brother is not here, there is something called Wakeel (delegate) who can get this delegation from her family.. and the two witnesses in front of the Court Sheikh.. less than an hour to finish the formalities and signing.

Be happy and take care of her!

:up: “Heard you are getting married to Pakistani boy so Most Welcome to Pakistani I wish i could have a good welcome dinner on your arriving to pakistan in Islamabad from where i belong?Congratulations for your lovely marriage dear.” If your parents /guardian is here then doesn,t matter but in the other u might need to get approval from embessy of your country.Good luck---stay blessed.

congratulation ur lucky

@raelle18 hello sir /mam...may I ask something,,,I'm Jean from Philippines  and working home here dammam saudi Arabia,,, me and my boyfriend Pakistan  are planning to married here,,,,what we need

@raelle18 my parents both dead sir""

My employer support me about it ,,