Driving License-International Driving Permit

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       Well, I have a valid IDP,category A & B (Car and Bike) Is there any further stamping or document works needs to be done in this booklet(IDP) to drive in Lebanon? if any, what are the procedures and where i can get those done?)Also what are the procedures to convert the IDP to a Lebanese Driving License?  I'm on a visit visa , will be obtaining a work permit after 6 months. Many thanks in advance....  :)

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Well, as per couple of websites and the information gathered from my associates ( which i confirmed true ) any foreigner is allowed to drive a vehicle in Lebanon , provided that he is in possession of either of the following licenses :

      - An international driving license for the categories of vehicles specified in the said license . (IDP)
      - A driving license of the specimen figuring on the 9th annex of the International Convention on the Roads Transportations concluded in Geneva on 19-SEPT-1949.
      - A driving licence issued by his country of origin (checked and paraphed ) by the "Vehicle Service" Registration Office in Lebanon and that only when the foreigner is on vacation or on a touristic visit in Lebanon .
      - A driving licence issued by his country of origin when this country and Lebanon are bound with a special treaty such as : Jordan - Syria - Saudi Arabia - Iraq - The United Arab Emirates etc...

However , it is noted that the International driving licence , as well as the driving licence figuring on the 9th annex of the international convention on Roads Transportations could be exchanged into a Lebanese driving licence .

In general you can drive for the categories of vehicles mentioned in the IDP ( in my case) and once your IDP is expired you can produce your Original License (issued in your home country) and get a Lebanese license from "Vehicle Service Registration office " in Lebanon( No idea about the location of this office, will find out soon)This license will be valid for six months and can be renewed after the expiry.

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One of the "Vehicle Service" Registration office is near "Dekouane" in Beirut, where you can produce the original driving license (from your home country) and get a Lebanese Driving License.