Bringing a pet to Beirut?

My firms's parent company has it's largest office in Beirut, so they will essentially take care of most of the logistics and already have corporate housing, drivers, etc..., but I am wondering if anyone has brought their pet with them?

Any help on customs, quarantine issues, how dog friendly (He's a fairly large German Shepherd) Beirut is, etc...? 

My stay will only be 3-6 months, so if it's a hassle he could stay with our next door neighbor, but if my wife is with me and not working, the dog would be a definate benefit for her.

Hallo Corbballspieler,
I found this blog only today, and your message, and I wonder whether you have found out more about the topic. We are likely to move to Beirut for a longer period this summer and I am not going anywhere without my Retriever - would you have any tips for me?

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I've not heard anything to date.  Sorry

Hello All,

I just came upon this site and I have brought my pet over from the US to Beirut.  First important document you will need is the International Certificate of Health from your Vet.  It will provide all information regarding checkups and vaccinations that you will need to show to the airline.  I don't know what country you are coming from but in the US, I had to get it stamped by the Embassy of Lebanon and the USDA.  Then I had my travel agent find a pet friendly airline that would allow me to carry my 4LB yorkie in the cabin with me.  I flew Lufthansa from US to Germany to Beirut and paid $200.00 for her.  They had restrictions as to the size of her bag and they wanted her to remain in her bag throughout the flight, I was able to sneak her out every once in awhile to sleep in my lap like she is accustomed too.   I also had to get a medication from my Vet to keep her semi-sedated during the trip since it was her first time.  Once I arrived to Beirut's Airport, I kept her in the bag went through passport control without anyone questioning or asking for her documents.  I have since registered her with a local Vet here and I gave him all her prior paperwork from my Vet in the US.  I hope this info helps and this site below was a great reference to me when I was researching.  Thanks and good luck.


I confirm, u only need a passeport reporting all the vaccination to enter in the Lebanese territory with your pet.

But for the airline company, I also suggest Lufthansa. For bigger dogs they have special cages that u can purchase with Lufthansa, specially for the flight. U can also rent it from >Lufthansa for the flight. This Lufthansa cage, is in compliance with the ineternational standards.

Good luck!!