Airsoft in Lebanon

Hi, I am lebanese living in saudi arabia and I will be moving back to lebanon in a few month for university. I want to ask is there any airsoft field in lebanon? (i know there is paintball), And is it allowed by the customs office to ship an airsoft rifle from usa to lebanon?


Unfortunately, we don't airsoft filed in Lebanon.
My advice for you is to study in Dubai American university because it is much better than Lebanon. And the weather in Lebanon is shit and filed with bacteria because of the garbage.

you can find them in many shotgun stores in lebanon
no need to ship them from the states
they are legal from the place you buy it you can get the required license to transport it
on the lebanese territory
as for the fields theres a shooting club located in dekwene beirut suburb
and you can find many Tiro Clubs and plate shooting fields in dbayeh adma ...