searching a filipina friends in Brittany

Mercy0224 :
Mercy0224 :

Hello ,  ..:-everybody,
I just saw this site so I join,  I live in Rennes have a good day to all..

Hi Kababayans!

I am a filipina spouse of French national, he is a Breton from Peumerit, Bretagne :) It's near Quimper. Currently me and husband live in Argenteuil France 12km near Paris but we go on vacation in his hometown. Hoping to met filipinas around France. Á bientöt!

Hello there! Kumusta?
I live in the Morbihan region. Regards, kababayan!

Hey! I know you! Hahaha
Hello Girlfriend!


Hello are ypu still in rennes?

Hello there....I'm not in Rennes anymore but still somewhere in Brittany.

Hi, thank you for your reply. I would love to meet you if you are not that far from rennes as i’ll be in rennes on march 2nd. I live in france for quite sometime well, eastern part of france to be exact. So, just give me a shout if you would like to do so.

Thanking you in advance

Hi ladies, Im eya a filipino looking to live in France to be with my boyfriend. Would go there on a tourist visa, but would have to make plans to be able to stay longer. I would like some information on how you girls did it. Would eventually stay in Paris. thanks!


Hi everyone! 🤗

It has been such a long time since I visited this forum. How is everyone? ☺️ message me so we can chat or meet some time 😉


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