i want to come on tourist visa but....

hello sir

please help me. i am from Pakistan. i want to come to Brazil on tourist visa. but i do not have any company letter or invitation letter. or i do not have a 6 months old bank statement. but i have enough funds to travel and live in Brazil .because i have money in cash. not in bank. and sir i do not have any employment letter. because i am not doing any job now a days. so what i have to do now. can i get the tourist visa without these things. or what.

and one more thing sir. there is a consultant in my country. who is giving me visit visa of Brazil. but this visa is valid for one month according to him. can you tell me is there any type of visit visa. or is it a tourist visa ? and he is saying that after reaching to Brazil. he will convert my visit visa to residence permit. can u tell me. is it legally possible to convert visit visa to residence visa ? or is there any possible way to convert visit visa to residence visa or temporary residence visa.

kindly help me.
looking forward to your reply

mr. shah,

First of all with the circumstances you have described I can tell you right now that the Consulado-Geral do Brasil in Islamabad would NEVER even consider granting you any kind of visa at all. The consultant who tells you he can provide you with a visa is a fraud, nobody can provide you with a visa except the Consulado-Geral, so he's lying to you and trying to scam you for your money. And if he is providing you with any falsified documents, this will result in being taken into custody should you even be able to arrive in Brazil and immediate deportation.

Without ALL of the documents required, there is absolutely no possibility of obtaining a visa. In fact, it is extremely difficult for citizens of Pakistan and India to obtain visas even when they do have all the documents and prove sufficient funds on deposit in a bank.

Only a Brazilian citizen or Brazilian company can provide you a Letter of Invitation, which also carries several serious legal and financial responsibilities for the writer. One is to guarantee that the invitee will leave the country when the visa stay expires and the other is to guarantee the financial support of the invitee for the duration of his or her stay. It is exactly for this reason that only family members or companies would even consider issuing such a letter.

Sorry, but there is nobody here that can help you. I suggest that you either forget the idea of travel to Brazil or you find some way of actually securing all the necessary documentation and only then apply for the visa. Applying right now under the present conditions will only result in a refusal by the Consulado.

William James Woodward, Expat-blog Experts Team

thank u so much for your kind reply.

but if i  fulfill all the documents. and will get the visa. than can you tell me one thing. can i convert my tourist or visit visa in to residence visa. is it possible or not.

thanks and regards

The Invitation Letter, must be from somebody who REALLY knows you personally. It MUST be written by either a Brazilian citizens or Brazilian company or it will not be accepted. Do you actually know anybody in Brazil who can write and notarize such a letter?

The only ways to obtain residency are through marriage to a Brazilian citizen (or legal permanent resident), stable relationship of min. one year with a Brazilian citizen (or LPR), parenting a Brazilian child, family reunion (immediate family in Brazil), retired individuals able to bring an income of USD $2000 per month into Brazil, Investors who will invest a minimum of USD $75,000 in starting up a business in this country.

If you meet any of those qualifications then it is POSSIBLE, otherwise it IS NOT.

William James Woodward, Expat-blog Experts Team

You sound like someone that is intending to come here and work iligally. Stay where you are. We Brazilians have already enough troublemakers to deal it. Forget about Brazil I tell you

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