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Hi Toon,

Thanks for being so dedicated and compiling all this advice for those interested in Cyprus. May we ask a you why you left Malta for Cyprus, we are thinking of moving either to Gozo or Cyprus and would be interested to know why you moved, if you don't mind us being nosey that is :)


Malta can be nice but it's tiny and over developed over populated with people and cars...

We had a fab 6 years there made a lot of friends but we left it 8 years ago and it has got worse as my friends some of whom are still there have confirmed..... some have moved here including some Maltese friends ....some have died some have gone back to UK some have moved to Gozo ....

We moved basically because the property we had which we rented and loved was about to be developed directly above us and the owner of the whole block of 4 apartments was not very forthcoming with details and offers to rent or buy to us so we had a choice to.make move to another property in mellieha move to another village move to Gozo or move to Cyprus... We decided to move to Cyprus as we had both holidayed here and we had some old friends who had moved here 4 months earlier who gave us the information we needed... Plus a family member used to live in the very village we are still in as she was married to Cypriot for a while......we found a property online got our friends to view it for us to ensure the property matched the photos and it did the rent was far cheaper here €400 for a two bed townhouse access to a comm pool as against a three bed apartment at @625 in mellieha....with no pool and on a main road .... Since then we ve had a nother townhouse €350 a large 4 bed villa with a pool €650 a 2 bed bungalow with pool €500... And last year we bought our own apartment as we felt rents here were going to rocket and bills too.  We were not wrong so here we are in a village 400metre from centre with everything we could want or need .. just far enough away from coral bay antics but close enough to want to go with visiting friends and family .... We have had two English landlords one Cypriot landlord and

one Chinese landlord all.were great no issues at all


Thank you Toon for your very fast response, we have also thought that Gozo would soon go the way of the big island in being over developed in just a few years hence our attention has been focused towards Cyprus.

We are retired and really don't want to have to need a car with the hassle of insurance, parking, nerve wracking journeys that are more like the Indonapolis 500, we live in Italy and everyone thinks they drive a Ferrari from Fiat 500s to lorries, and would like to live in an area where we can easily walk to shops, cafes, restaurants and use buses for longer excursions or taxis, you can get a lot of taxi rides for the cost of a car :)

Using Google earth to view the Paphos area we note its very diverse as it stretches from the sea to the mountains, as we live ''up a depth'' as our Pemrokeshire origins would put it here in Italy ,we've done the mountain bit and would rather be closer to the sea as we hale from a coastal town back in Wales and miss it.

The expansion in the area of concrete architectural property zones is a bit alarming, not to our traditional tastes at all, and would ask for guidance from you and anyone with an opinion as to where to start our search so as not to waste agents time, or ours, as we really do not want to rent for long, our furniture will be in storage, not cheap, and our cat wont want to be without 'her' home for long either.

Ciao M&M

I would suggest argaka pomos polis prodromi droussiea as a starting point

I think your concerns about Gozo filling up are good ones.. My friends go to Gozo from Malta to get away from the summer hustle bustle and grid lock in summer .... But even they say Gozo is getting just as bad as more and more people decide to ship across to  the much smaller island.

If I had to move from where we are currently I would probably choose Argaka lovley stretches of coast and further up towards Santa Marina and Pomos are nice areas and Polis being the centre for shopping and I would think there will be a bus service servicing  those areas

Check out Paphos buses site Cyprus By Bus

:) Again  our thanks, keep up with the great advice and perhaps we'll meet for a coffee one day.

Ta M&M

No worries enjoy the journey of discovery


yes we have brought a lovely town house in Argaka, hopefully will be in for mid November 😊

That's good to hear good luck and enjoy your new home and all your adventures

Agree with Toon sounds like the Polis to Pomos area would suit you!  There are buses on the route but not often so your journey would need planning! Having said that we retired to Pomos last month and feel like we have won the lottery. Having owned a little village house here for 20 years and holidaying regularly we feel like we have moved to our forever home!


Happy to read the above posts as I am looking at moving from Malta to Cyprus. Thanks!

Do you have any household moving company advice? Prices that I have seen from the Malta side seem to cost more than the value of my goods. I only have less than half a container to ship.

Also, any direct owners - rather than agencies - websites. Is 'bazaraki' the sort of equivalent of MaltaPark?

Thanks in advance.



Not sure what MaltaPark is but Bazaraki is the go to place for finding most things in Cyprus, nearly all properties for sale or rent, either thru agents or direct with owners, you will find here, same goes for cars, furniture, elcetrical items, etc.

Yes it is .. we used to use Maltapark when we lived in Malta 2008- 2014 Bazaraki is much the same...

Contact Peter Morton Removals Or Cyprus Container Shipping .. they both have Facebook pages.. both can offer assistance on just about everything to do with relocating here.

Facebooks marketplace is a good start to give ideas of prices for lots of stuff here...

@Toon are you available to work for & advise a new arrival on short and long term accomodation at what costs and how do i comtact you BEFORE and when i arrive? ***

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@kennlassiter more than happy to advise and give information.... You can private message me in this forum .....

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Cheryl team

Good morning from UK, we are flying to Cyprus on the 27th February, and looking at renting  firstly, can anybody recommend a reputable company in the Larnaca are to help us with the residency application  we contacted gwennys red tape services but she only covers paphos, any assistance will be greatly appreciated.

Kind regards


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