American Products in Luxembourg

Hi there all,

You might be interested to know that Luxembourg now has an Online Shop for where you can buy all kinds of american foods, drinks, etc. You can have the products delivered by UPS or go pick them up at their warehouse - quite convenient !

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Welcome on board, Jempy!

Hello FeeAcer !
I didnt know I coulnd't post links to commercial sites.

No hard feelings I hope.

No no it's ok.
Tell me as you are a native Luxemburger, you could share a lot of information to potential expats in Luxembourg; so don't hesitate to browse the forum and participate activeley in discussions.

Jempy35.. can you pls email me the link. debbielux at hotmail dot com.  Thanks!!!

Hi, can I have that website also? malemandj[at]

This weekend I went to Little Britain which also has some American products although as the name suggests, its much more of products from our friends in the UK...hey, but got some Pop tarts! :)

Admin here makes things a bit artificially complicated ...
I sent you the mail.

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