Leisure in Luxembourg

Leisure in Luxembourg
Updated 2015-09-16 08:52

Wondering how to keep yourself busy during your free time in Luxembourg? Find, in this article, an overview of leisure activities that are available in the country.

Regardless of the length and purpose of your stay in Luxembourg, you will probably want to wander around and discover the country. You shall not be disappointed as Luxembourg has much to offer in terms of arts, culture and history. In fact, its breathtaking landscapes combine nature with architecture thanks to castles, forts, museums, parks, etc. You can also visit numerous places of interest and why not practice sports.

Finally, the country regularly hosts many religious and cultural festivals and other events, as well as fairs, etc.


Luxembourg holds a huge cultural and historical heritage which is depicted by its urban architecture, rural castles and forts, and many other historical sites. Moreover, three of the country's places of interest, namely the Echternach and its Dancing Procession, The Family Of Man collection, the Clervaux Castle, which is a must-see, are listed as World Heritage by the UNESCO.

Luxembourg also has a rich archaeological, industrial, military and religious heritage. In fact, you will come across many monuments, places of worship and industrial sites, etc., across the country. To access to these more easily, you can request the Luxembourg Card from the Office National du Tourisme, that is the National Tourism Office. This card will provide you with free access to more than 55 cultural sites across the country and in the Greater Region.

Culture and arts

Several cultural events are held all year round in Luxembourg. Thus, you can watch plays in different languages in theaters and attend concerts given by local, national and international artists. Cinema halls also screen all types of movies: international, blockbusters, low-budget and alternative films, etc.


Nature lovers can enjoy many plains, forests, lakes and rivers offering amazing landscapes. You can go hiking or trekking, or simply on a walk to relax and enjoy some fresh air. These are especially popular with families for picnics. Others may prefer riding in the countryside, mountain biking or other activities. The country hosts many trails.


If you like sports, you will not be disappointed. Many sports activities are available in the country, namely climbing, cycling, water sports, fishing and golf, etc. You are also likely to find fitness and relaxation clubs across the country.


As the Luxembourg population clearly describes its open mindedness, you shall not be surprised by its vibrant nightlife. In fact, various cultural events are held at night in most cities. You can find restaurants, coffee shops, concert halls, theaters, nightclubs, etc., almost everywhere.


Whether you are a shopaholic, or you are just looking forward to stroll around, you can visit not only shopping malls, but also markets, fairs and flea markets which are held all year round in most neighborhoods. In city-centers, you will also find fashion boutiques, leading brands, as well as charming restaurants.


If you are moving to Luxembourg with your children, there is no need to worry as a range of leisure activities are available, namely parks, museums, educational workshops, small trains, etc. They will also be delighted by the Carnival and many other festivals that are held throughout the year.

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