Small business in Al ain

Does any one know how to set up a small business in Al ain. I am thinking to earn some more income as I am currently wasting more time after work. Any ideas what to do along side my with my main job I work 7-1.30 most of the days. Trade or may be services! Just to keep me busy and of course increase my income.

Hi karooto > please have a look a this artcle : Setting up a business in the United Arab Emirates.

Thanks Signorita :cool: for the prompt reply. I will definitely visit the link you recommended. Any more ideas of how to make more money.. Please let me know.. I am at the moment taking a slow steps carefully as I am new to this country.
Caio Bella...Ah you have beautiful smile... :sleep

I would like to offer you a part-time job/business that you can do there in Al Ain. Can you give me your /!\ I AM A STUPID SPAMMER /!\ or your mobile number? I will explain about this in your personal email but I can assure you that you would love this.

May I ask what is your current work and where do you work?, what company?

Thank you.

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