Teaching in Kazakhstan

Hello. I am Steve, a new teacher for NIS and I would really love to hear of some of your stories. Those who are new are looking to people like you to be our teachers. I am all ears!

Hi Steve. When are you moving? May I know where did you apply?

Hi Steve,

How are you? Actually, I'm an ESL Teacher looking for a job in Kazakhstan. Do you know any schools that are hiring? I would really appreciate it.

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Hi Steve,

Welcome to Expat.com! :)

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Hi Steve which school are you going to teach in?

Which NIS school have you joined?

Hey Steve!  I am also will be a NIS science teacher this coming school year.  Hope to meet you soon!

Same here, NIS Pavlodar! Hope to see some of you.

I am moving soon. I applied to many schools. You are going where, again, to work?

Pavlodar? That is a nice place I have heard.

Are you at a NIS school at the moment, if so, which kne?

Hello Barbara,

I know of a few places hiring in Almaty at the moment if you are still considering a move?

Let me know if you are interested!


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Hello, there. Just checking in on how things are with you and yours in Pavlodar?

Hope all is well.


Just checking in to see how things are going?

Hope all is well.

Good luck!

Hi , I can teach Project Management in Kazakhstan
Christiaan Barnard ( barnardchristiaan3@gmail.com)

Have you taught any English?

Hello everyone,

Just a quick reminder that for any jobs search or offer, the best place to post an ad is in the Jobs in Kazakhstan section.

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I am a native English speaker in Nur-Sultan and can teach English to any level. Who needs an English teacher?

Can also teach mathematics and any science subject effectively.

Lastly as a Civil Engineer, I do engineering and design consultations.

Hello, I'm Chuks and a teacher am looking for a good teaching job in Almaty Kazakhstan.

Google search for schools and teaching institutions and send them your CV.
Hello ceader47 ,

CV can be posted here > Jobs in Kazakhstan1f609.svg

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