Any Muslim women?


I'm originally from Morocco, but I was born and raised in Belgium. I have a lot of expat friends, but none of them are muslim.
I really would like to meet other muslim women. Are there any who would like to meet up?

Salaam alaikoum karima, im muslim and i live in sint Niklaas

Alaikum Salaam Ilse,

I would love to get to know you better. Maybe we can meet up after ramadan?

Yes pff cougar, i would like that. Add me on Fb: ilse ayisatu vermeulen


I just read this. I am muslim even I am not near to your country, I will be very happy if I can help you.

Whenever you need friend you can send me email on bintarifr(at)

Hallo Karima Assalamualaikum,

Im an expat from Indonesia and Im moslem too, I live near Brussels and also work in Brussels area.
How was your Ramadhan and eid fitr ?
By the way it's nice if I have a chance to know you better as I have some marrocoan friends as well
And also great to meet up another moslem friends here.

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