what to do in luxembourg

Hi everybody,

I'm moving to Luxembourg next month and would be really grateful for any advices what to do there and where are the good places to hang out.

Hi manekina,

Well it really depends on what kind of places you like to hang around  =)

HI Manekina,

So many things to do in Lux...Just go in the city center and you will find all the nice places! It is not Krakow but u can still have fun!

in Luxembourg you can go out...the nightlife is OK. You can find bars and pubs (Liquid, Scott's, Urban,White Rose) in the center...or clubs outside the city (Boos Kafe)
You can do a lot of sports: cycling, hiking, running, swimming
for shopping you don't have a very good selection,but germany, france and belgium are so close.

Hey Manekina,

I am also moving to Luxembourg in a month! From my visits to Luxembourg previously, I can see that holidays are hugely celebrates. The country provides many festivals a year. In late September/ early October there is a big fair in Luxembourg city. I agree with anaxor that the shopping is only okay, but Trier, Germany is only a quick train ride away. One final thing I have noticed is Luxembourg's passion for music. I have attended many free concerts and had fun at all of them! Hope this helped!

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