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Hello there I'm looking if somebody can please tell me is there a homeschooling group in Malta and is it any popular.
I seem to get very little info
Much appreciated

Hi Luljeta,

if you mean 'schooling' your children at home and not in a state or private school you have to know that that is not allowed in Malta.

That is why you won't find any information.


I think you have to register yourself as a private school.

Not that easy in Malta ! And then you have a private school and not homeschooling.

There is no way around compulsary public schooling in Malta. It is not like Austria  with 'Häusliche Unterricht' and Externistenprüfung'.

Austrian school law defines the necessity for ' lessons' but not for schooling. That is a huge difference.


Hi, Just to let you know there is several parents homeschooling in Malta and have been for the last 2 years.. They find it very good and know exactly what their kids are learning(believe me its alot more than my kids learn at school).. All of kids invloved have been removed from Privates schools here on the island due to lack of education being provided for them and at a cost that was just crazy... I can PM you some details if you want.... Please don't shot me down with the laws and regulations for homeschooling in Malta... Its not allowed but its happening...

Hi ash,

that doesn't surprise me ,being in Malta -))) My kids are grown so it is not really an issue for me personally.

It is a private matter and I don't want to comment on something that is not allowed. Out of a matter of personal interest though , what kind of school documents , diplomas and so will these children receive? Will the parents be able to get them O-levels or A -evels ? Or are they just on a short-term stay in Malta and probably not even registered in Malta.


Hi Ricky, lol, remember anything is possible in Malta!!!  The kids have exams every 4 weeks as its done through a homeschooling programme from the countries they are from.. They are all under the age of 12 so all in Primrary years.. Yes they are here for 3-4 years so no long term goal of staying on the island...

Gosh that's interesting, I guess it must be easier from private schooling as if my kids are off school in their state school (without a certificate,) then I would be receiving threatening letters from the education department, I guess it's not the same for private schools??

Its not easier because its private school, its just a case of advising the school your moving your kids to another school.. When I took my kids out of private school here they didn't even ask why? or where the kids where moving too? They just persumed we left the island!!! And when I got them a place in Public school they didn't ask where they attended beforehand.. So really there is no checks (well for expats anyway).

Hmm but if you just took them from one school to another, then there would be no problem as they are still being schooled but if you took them from a state school and never went back, how would you not receive a letter? My daughter was off for 10 days and the sick note was not registered with them (clerical error) and I was sent a letter threatening court unless I could explain? What I am saying is, if these parents took them from private school, maybe there are not the same checks??

Hi its really interesting the subject of home-schooling, I came to malta a month ago and tried to get my daughter into school and by the time id gathered the necessary documents for the dept of education to enrol her they then told me she wouldnt start til September!  Therefore I have no choice but to home school her... I dont see why it wouldnt be allowed? After all im not the one denying her an education at this stage!
That being said... id be very interested about any groups or people home-schooling their children as I have never done it before.. where do I even start?
Thanks in advance

katema :

After all im not the one denying her an education at this stage!

school ends in 3 weeks, and for this 3 weeks that have classes from 8 till 12
do you really think they are denying your kid right to educate?

Oh how i knew someone would pick up on that small detail and choose to comment rather than actually giving me any useful information.   :top:

I defintiely think its so benefical for any child arriving to start school asap.. No mater if its only for a few days before break up or not.. It gives the child a chance to meet people and see how the school works rather than waiting 4 months for the daunting day of "first day at a new school"...  My kids moved from Private School to Public School the week before Christmas Holidays, they even got a part in the Christmas Play which I thought was amazing... So push the Dept of Education for her to start. or at least have a test day to meet her new teacher she what SHE thinks of the school... Just because some people don't think its important doesn't mean you shouldn't and its not all about learning its about meeting people and feeling secure in herself.... Best of Luck...

Thanks Ash totally agree.  Much appreciated  :)

I've read your post about homeschooling in Malta. can you give me some more information, tel. or address? Thank you

Please check out and join "Homeschool in Malta" on Facebook and you will get all the information you need... Also one of the homeschool mums will post later today with futher information...


I agree with Ash. I wished I had pushed harder for my daughter to start school when I filled in the application. They told me I had to wait until the new year started. But I had everything ready by mid May. That was why I specifically came earlier. Even a few weeks at school would have helped with her anxiety of not knowing what to expect .....especially after having an enormous 4 months holiday break now!!
Oh well.....I am sure it will all work out eventually!!


Check out the homeschooling blog on facebook for Malta. They have a lot of good legal information.

Basically, what I've found out is that if you are not a Maltese citizen, you abide by the rules of your home country. So you can homeschool if that country says ok.

I haven't found a lot of homeschoolers here yet, but am starting to hear of a few. It would be nice to have a group to do things with but getting around is hard as we do not have a car. We've only been here for a year. We moved from America.

If you're interested, here's what I wrote on my blog about what I've been doing on homeschooling - keep in mind that I've only been doing this since January, so I don't know a whole bunch.

I have been mulling over the idea of homeschooling too - are there any plans for a meetup at all? We have three young kids, my husband is a staunch athiest and are a leetle bit concerned about the state system. My eldest son is dispraxic and dyselxic and so finds school a bit of a slog in the uk anyway. I am mindful that we have come from a :)  very child centred school with the bare minimum of homework, we have been told often about how work heavy the Maltese curiculum is........Sgillar, I have just logged on to your blog and look forward to a read! :)

Sorry, my toddler kept hitting the smileys!

Thank you to all of you for the comments and conversation that is going about homeschooling in Malta, we are still packing busy with all documents and things that go with for the move.
We are homeschooling our kids at home and will continue until September, but me and my husband will have a full time job in Malta and if it is possible for somebody to recommend or know of a Teacher or a student teacher that needs a better pay or such,that we can employ full time that is half a day just for the school times. However i have a flexi job so I can do all the other activities in afternoons myself.
I do appreciate all the help I might get.
Best Regards

Hi lulja5378

I know your post is from ages ago but can I ask how did you get on with home schooling your child/ren. Do you still do it and how hard was it to get everything you need to ensure they were achieving their full potential.

Thanks Faye

I'm moving to Malta in the very near future and am worried I may not be able to get my children into a school mid year. Which would mean they would miss months of school if they can't start until September. How did you go about home schooling? Also do Malta do SATs test or an equivalent? Thanks Samantha

Hi Katema.
I'm moving to Malta in April with my two children aged 10 and 11. So this would mean them leaving their school here in the UK and starting school in Malta in April but from what Iv read they probably won't be able to start school until Septmeber!! Meaning they would miss out on 3/4 months of school. I can see this is what happened to you, what did you do and how did you get information etc to home school until they started?  Also what was the process of getting your children into school when you arrived in Malta, what did you need to do and what documents did you need? Would really appreciate your help. Thank you very much, Samantha :-) xx

Hi all,
Out of interest, are any of the home schooling parents, or parents with children in school, following the IGCSE English Syllabus?

hi we are currently living in gozo and I am interested in home schooling my son I have been told it is possible ...I would like to know how ? I know there are certain criteria that have to be meet to accomplish it . my son has tried both private and government schools and is not transitioning well and feel he would do better with home schooling any information will help thank you

Well from what I have read you have to apply for a teaching warrent, exactly what you need to be qualified in or prove I dont know. But I have heard there is a home school group where a parent has a teaching warrant and a couple of parents take their kids there. Not sure if they pay the teacher a small sum or not??? and dont know who or where it is??

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