Cost of living - Mainly cost of eating at local restaurants daily

Hello and good day to all!

I am currently on the search for a job as an English teacher in the DR in Punta Cana! I have only been interviewed for one job for now via Skype and I am already on my last stage but still looking for other opportunities. From what I have researched online the basic salary for English teachers here in the DR is about $400-$600 USD. Is that correct?

The school I would be working for will provide accommodation, paid holidays, and health insurance. So in accommodation I am all set! Yet when it comes to food prices, how much would I be spending daily for say, two meals eating out. I don't cook at all and don't plan on doing so.

On another note, the HR at the school asked me what my expectations are for the salary. I am still finishing my BA online yet I have prior experience in teaching in China for 8 months. So I do have experience. What would be a reasonable expectation of a salary be for me?

Any help is greatly appreciated! I hope all of you have a wonderful day!

Wow,  good for you!  So the cost of food is going to depend where you buy it and what you eat. Here most people eat "plato del dia" which is the plate of the day at lunch. It consists usually of rice, beans, some kind of meat and maybe a small salad.   It costs between 80RD and 120RD depending where you go.  So that is about 2 to 3 dollars. Other meals  can be anywhere from  2 to 50 dollars depending where you go and what you eat!  ALSO remember it is inexpensive to have someone cook for you! Often neighbors will do it for a bit of extra cash!

I dont think an english teacher starting salary is that low. I would think over 1,000 a month plus accommodations etc is more the range but I am not positive!  Hopefully others will chime in.

Thanks for the quick response I truly appreciate it!

I'm used to el plato del dia here in Mexico so I'm familiar with the small home based "fondas" restaurants. So that's great to hear! Also about having someone cook for me sounds excellent too! When I was in China I had someone come and do cleaning and cooking for a relatively low price, but that was China. I can clean on my own. Plus I'll have shared accommodation, which I'm not very excited about but hopefully I get someone clean!

What can I expect to pay for internet prices? I saw somewhere it said $50 USD is this true?

Thanks again! I really appreciate it :*

Internet will depend on the company and speed. Budget 50 but if accommodations are shared maybe that can be too!

You're right, if the accommodation is shared then if there are other costs they should be shared as well.

Also I wanted to say that I thank you for your time and commitment to the expats and people of the DR! I was reading your Bio and you are extremely generous! It is refreshing to find people like you on this blog and world! Keep doing great things and I am following your path! I want to volunteer in some organizations once I get to the DR. I'm really being positive that I will land a job in the DR and I will move there. I have gone there in the mind and will go there in the body (The Secret by Rhonda Byrne is what keeps me so positive haha).

As a current online student and 20 year old fluent in Spanish and English, do you think there are other careers I could look into in the DR, besides teaching? I'm just looking to have a living wage and be able to save a little bit of money at least to travel around the DR and possibly go to PR or Jamaica during my holidays. But exploring the entire DR is definitely something I must do before I visit other places around there.

Welcome and it sounds like a true adventure

I do think however that $1000 a month is a bit high and $500-600 would be an excellent start.

Planner has given you good info on food and costs and with "sharing" some expenses it will be tight doable.

you are looking to relocate in the Punta Cana area.  Do note that this is a tourist area so things will be more expensive there then in the local communities and cities.

Good luck

Bob K

Thanks for the response and info Bob!

Yes I realize this is a very touristic area so things will be more expensive. I just hope I can find little "fondas" Where I can get the food of the day at a fair price.

Teaching will be great for you there!  That area is where all the hotels and resorts are so the hospitality field would offer jobs but they probably don't pay as well as teaching.  We lived in the DR for 4 years as American expats and loved it.  Now we are in Puerto Rico but we hope to return to the Punta Cana area soon and will probably retire there, that's how much we love it there.  You can eat as cheaply as you want and the Supermarket in Punta Cana Village is a great market with pre made foods also if you don't cook.  Be sure to visit the organic gardens at Punta Cana Resort, you can buy fresh produce there to make salads and it's cheap!  Lots of expats in Punta Cana resort area and Punta Cana Village too!  Food is the most expensive thing but you can do it cheap too so don't worry about that.  Will you have a car?

Thanks for the response Nancy! :D

I will not have a car, but you know, maybe I won't be able to move to the DR this summer as the human resource personnel has not contacted me again about the job I was looking into :(
I'll keep on the look out though! The DR is an amazing country and so are the people. So wish me luck! :D

Good luck on your search.

Bob K

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