Buying/Selling Gold and Silver in Colombia (Barranquilla and Medellin)

OK, I know this might seem like a wierd post to many, but bear with me.

I am looking to find out if there are places in Colombia, particularly in Barranquilla and Medellin, that someone could buy and sell gold and silver. Now, I am not talking about jewelry. I mean coins and bullion primarily.

In the US this is simple, there are coin stores and even pawn shops. But so far, I have not really seen anything like this here in Colombia. Part of my financial strategy for the next few years involves buying a fair amount of precious metals and am in need of a new source, now that I am married to a Colombiana and living down here.

I recently read about a 'Gold to Go' ATM in Medellin, set up by a place called the Banoro Value Store Compania. But I know nothing about this.

Does anyone have additional knowledge regarding these topics?


I have investigated to see if it is possible too buy gold locally to resell in Europe.
Probably i don't have the good contacts.
It is difficult to the production place as it is considered dangerous.
If you try to buy with companies located in safe place the price is higher than Europe.

So for me this is blocked for now.

Also, I have big quantity of gold to sell in USA.
If you know buyers we can share the %


Hi JRC.  Did you ever figure out where to buy gold/silver bullion in Medellin?  I live near Medellin and am also looking for a good source.  Married a Colombiana about 7 years ago and haven't looked back since.


Part of my problem is that I am in Barranquilla, so haven't been able to track that lead down yet. It's not worth going on a trip just for itself, although I love Medellin.

So, still looking.

I'll be actively searching for the best dealers (or direct).  I'll update you in the weeks and months ahead on what I find.  I've been a member of Freedom Force International for several years and they swear by GoldMoney.  They do have good prices, storage facilities in several countries, or if you like, they will ship it (fully insured) directly to you here in Colombia.  If I can't find a good source, I will buy it from them.



Great to see others interested in this as well.

Joe, thanks for initiating this conversation. I haven't found any other posts like this yet. Did you find anything more on you search?

Paal, I would be happy to hear what you have left for sale in the US if you are still looking for a buyer there.

And last but not least, Merrill, I didn't know about Freedom Force International, but I looked them up and will want to read more. Thanks for the mention.

Ok, on with what I can offer about finding gold and silver from my base here in Medellin.  I have searched and found some avenues. On the open market, the only one I found was set up with a professional store-front and a sufficient display of gold ingots. I can't remember but I think they had coins in half-ounce. But maybe it was just the one.  I thought their mark-ups were very expensive with at least three/four hundred dollars over spot price for an ounce and the commission rate was worse for smaller amounts. I didn't recognize the mint and I just didn't bother to investigate further with those prices.  There are taxes associated with importing stamped ingots and coins, 16% for business class imports and perhaps this is a factor for them. They were new when I found them and I should go check in on them.  If anyone is still interested in checking in on them then I can look up where I have the name of the store, address (close to city center in Medellin). I think I have a foto of the price list I got back then, about a year ago.  I am not certain about import duties and taxes for importing for private use/holdings. I would be happy to know if anyone has taken the risk to ship gold to Colombia, there are so many factors concerning this--including security after clearing the shipment locally.

I have found a few 1 oz. ingots for sale through a colleague of mine but he usually sells raw silver and gold. I bought these.  I have found a few coins (no more than 2.) none of them are what I would purchase-I am not collecting numismatics and these weren't common like Panda, Maple Leaf, Eagles, Roos, Francs, etc...

Raw materials can be found from the mines in dust, beads, or ingots. Purity can be very high (22-24) karats. Obviously you need to know what you are doing here, with the dealers, prices, purity checks, etc. 

I don't "buy/sell" commodities, I simply exchange monies, this is not taxable. Available here is silver and gold bullion bars & coins, the mined silver and gold as I explained earlier, and on occasion; rings, necklaces and other jewelry that has weight, these have proper stamps like 18k-Italy, these marks/stamps seem to be recognized and regarded as surety here. Feel free to email me at jeffreyclark[at] and join the circle.

Kindest Regards

AM quite interested in buying your gold? can we chat?

From visits to Colombia over a decade ago I remember a vibrant numismatic scene in Cali, Medellin and Bogota. Not as much going on in Cartagena at the time but still...

Trade was much more person-to-person in PM and this because of general financial conditions and security considerations meant that transactions of less of less than US$1000 are the norm.

Eventually, through contacts you will establish, you will find out where you can both buy and sell larger volumes of Gold and Silver at better spreads.

Good Luck!

I have gold 1 oz Krugerrand for sale Can any one help me out or point to a buyer?

Try inputting "Medellin numismatico" in google search. Your first hit should reveal one of the larger and more ethical Numismatists - coin and paper money dealers - in Colombia.

Due to ubiquitous forgery of gold coins it may be necessary to have the gold coin assayed, at your expense, to ascertain the value.

Please don't forget to recommend my posting if this has been of value to you.

I'm Oscar and I can tell youhow and  where do you find gold.
My number is xxx
Best regards

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Hello Joe,

Any luck in finding a good contact or still looking?

I can help you with the information.



How do i get in touch with you?

Historically, gold has tended to rise in value when the dollar falls.  Thus, the concept of exposing an investment portfolio to gold makes sense for dollarized Expats.

However, do you really want to deal with the logistics of buying, storing and protecting actual gold .. or, later, selling it?

Probably not.

Fortunately, exposure to gold free of security concerns is currently possible through gold exchange-traded funds, including the popular GLD.  Re-selling later is also a snap.

You can read more about gold ETF's at … ld-1214757

You may sleep better knowing it is unlikely that four beefy guys would show up on your doorstep late at night to inform you "We're here for your exchange-traded funds."

cccmedia in Medellin

Hello Joe?

What exactly would you like to know?

HI read and saw your old thread, how did you come out. I live here in Colombia and I am in the Gold Industry here for the past 2 years  plus , its not an easy Industry and has many pitfalls, I primary do exploration, mining and exportation.

Any questions , let me know , if can answer them I will

Hello there,

I hope you are good. Please email me at   ***

What's your email?

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Hello there,

Still waiting for your email.



hi, you can watch this video, he talks about colombian web sites and phisical stores where you can buy bullion

Hello there, hope you are well. I don't see any link to YouTube video? Please advise.

Hello there,

Still waiting for you reply. Can you kindly share the YouTube link you were talking about.

Thank You,



please send the detail of your gold offer tomy email : ***

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Hello all!

Have been following recent developments on this thread. Things appear so much different in South America, outside Panama, where onsite members seem to have little idea on how to protect their assets long term by investing in PMs (precious metals).

First of all, when looking at precious metals, mainly gold and silver, it may be helpful to understand that in most markets, when you want to sell, your clients are liable to prepare easy marketable items. The major gold coins: Krugerrand, Pandas, Philharmonics, Mexico 50 Pesos, Double Eagles or smaller size 1/4 oz coins like sovereigns or Latin Union coins to whose standard many coins were issued for circulation until the 1930s. Bars - preferably PAMP - in sizes of 1KG down to 1 gram but preferably 10 grams or 1 oz. Smallest spread for largest size gold bars but not everyone has the financial resources to be the counter-party to the trade. Silver is held more in bulk coin bags form when for investment purposes.

Don't announce to your neighbors nor family members that you don't entirely trust, that you are interested in keeping PM for easy access ie in your house or office. Think security. Preferable to buy PM in other cities then your own, in Colombia. Be realistic and circumspect when scouting who to do business with. As an outsider, I found out relatively soon who one could trust in Colombia cities like Cali, Medellin and Bogota. Cartagena was more of a problem, but not impossible. Buying retail, you would have to pay the import taxes associated with the gold - there is no reason that you shouldn't try to get at least part of these import taxes back when you sell! Especially if you onsell to a retail investor such as yourself.

Search "oro compra vende medellin" and you should find one company that has three sites dealing in Gold in Medellin - many more in Bogota! - where you should try your luck. You can also try Mercado Libre. More companies are out there.

Important is that you find out what the laws in regards to the possession and import/export of gold to Colombia. If it is favorable, then it may make sense to buy gold closer to spot when traveling to the right jurisdiction. Just don't forget security issues.

I would echo ccmedia's advice - don't buy and intend to store a material quantity of physical precious metals in Colombia (and many other places).

ETFs in gold include GLD, but also IAU (much lower management fee).  Silver can be obtained by SLV.

If you are insistent on physical metal, I recommend APEX (  Their prices have a fair markup over spot prices and delivery and reliability have been perfect for me. They deliver to Mexico and other selected international destinations but not to Colombia (or Ecuador or Panama).  They do offer, however, storage services through a third party named Citadel Global Depository Services - $.55 of portfolio value.  Personally, I don't like that approach - $100,000 of gold in assay packaging will fit in a shoe box and $100,000 of gold coins in tubes will fit in a 1/3 of that.  This would be the same storage fee as, say, $100,000 of 100 Troy ounce silver bars, which would weigh over 685 pounds and fill up over 12 shoe boxes.

Problem is finding a storage company that one can trust.

Physical gold and silver is useful for situations where law and order break down, such as neighboring Venezuela. It is a means to obtain scarce services such as emergency doctor or dental care, transport or protection in countries/societies suffering from societal breakdown.

Storing it safe is a difficult subject to broach here on a public site. I can only direct interested parties to look at websites dealing with this subject in a language other than English or Spanish.

With most paper metal issuers, there is no definite title to actual physical delivery. Especially in the case of small amounts, even $100,000. You also rely on the good name and bonafides of the company issuing these 'vouchers'.

Don't forget countries like Cyprus where bank safety boxes were raided. Legislation permitting banks to raid safety boxes exist in the European Union, USA & Canada.

By the way, Banco de Colombia used to sell gold. I don't know if it still does. Maybe someone hee can tell us if they still do so.

Non-bank private vaults: … aults.html

This thread is a bit old. If there's anyone interested in this subject let me know. I have the contacts for interested parties.

This thread is a bit old.i like to bring it active again. If there's anyone interested in this subject let me know. I have the contacts for interested parties.

talk to me, whats the discount and quantities..are all taxes paid, regalis etc... docs in order ... we talkin bruta, chatarra... ???

Let's talk of line. Private message me. Everything is being put in place as we speak. The documents and etc on being worked on .

send me an email address, or whatsapp #


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Give up the struggle, gold bugs -- the dangers, the logistical nightmares, the loss of peace of mind, the possibility of those three beefy guys showing up at your place at  3 a.m. looking for your shiny stash. :o

Instead, buy GLD, an S&P tracking fund for gold stocks .. or another gold ETF.  They trade like stocks with no muss or fuss.

If you know how to sell a put through your online broker, you can even get paid to buy a gold ETF at a discount.  ETrade and other brokers will even allow you to do this in your IRA.  How do I know this?  I am buying an ETF myself in my ETrade IRA (by selling a March OTM put on GLD) .. and collecting a premium of hundreds of dollars from the market in the process.

Get smart.  Get informed.

Give up the struggle.

cccmedia near the Ecuador-Colombia border

Interested in discussion about your expertise. As mentioned a month or so ago I have interest in China. If you can assist me in offering legal sales let me know.  Your email keeps rejecting my attemps in sending messages to you

Buyer beware
Read this artical before consider anything. … -gold.html

I am coming to live i Columbia..I have a few kgs raw gold (22+carat) can I sell it there and what sort of price is here

michael .leahy

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I think its going to be difficult. Depends on price. The miners sell 97,000 to 100,000 pesos per gram.
That's before the dollar dropped to 2707 pesos just this week.

China offers 21.00 USD per gram . A bit low.

If you fine a buyer let me know.

I have a serious problem with the concept of buying and selling physical gold to strangers in Colombia.

Ask yourself .. what could go wrong?

i bought gold and precious metals last week in a brokerage account.  Market symbol:  GLD.  It's an exchange traded fund or ETF that represents various gold and precious-metal stocks.

1.  It was easy, a matter of clicking a few times on my computer.

2.  No storage problem at my end.

3.  No chance that 24 hours after the purchase ,. that three beefy pistoleros might show up at my doorstep at night, saying "We're here for your exchange traded funds."

  -- cccmedia at an undisclosed location near the Colombia-Ecuador border

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