Starting a Business in Madagascar


I'm interested in starting a Rental business for agriculture use, well actually a sales/rental for tools and equipment. I just wondering if someone is able to offer advice to the idea?


Good aternoon Sir!

It is a good pleasure for me to send this email to you as I am very interested in your message.
I am very interested in as I have told you a bove because we have a same business and a plan.
Therefore, before we deal this thing, we need to meet each other as I I need a something serious Sir.

My name is Josiah Werner I live here in madagascar in the south east  area.
I don't want to tell you many things but it is a nice and a good project for as here if you are only ready to do that.
Please, send your email to this my own email for the next time, and give me as well yours:
here is my email:
Sooner, Thanks
Josiah Werner

I think that you are doing well at the moment and the family as well!
I only want to be sure if you have received my email yesterday?

Your friend Josiah Werner from Madagascar
Sooner and thanks

Dear Josiah Werner.
I request to you that I am an Indian. I have just visited to Ethiopia. I saw there is good opportunity in agriculture field. Now I have decided to visit to your country.
But I want to know about following :
1. How can I create a company in Madagascar?
2. How much money will be required for this?
I hope you will guide and support me.
Reply please.
From heersingh
My email address is:

Sir, Josiah Werner
Contact: +261(0) 33 14 368 75

Dear Sir,
I am Werner I live in Madagascar Fort-Dauphin.
It is a great pleasure for me to send this email to you and tell you about my strong desire Sir.
A long time ago, I have been tried to look for a sponsor in order to support my project but no one responded me, I don't know why.
I used my money before but the economy of mine was not enough but the idea for doing something is still huge and enough as well.
I really want to deal those businesses:
-    Like a Rental Car
-    Building Construction, bungalow, Hotel and House for rent as well.
-    Open a school from the primary school till secondary school
-    Heath care industry, pharmaceuticals, medical equipment, devices, hospitals, medical, foods, pharmaceuticals, home health care
-    And Charity help as well
Therefore, I beg you Pardon in order to respond my demand and answer it.
I really need your support please as it is already hard to me but I am very crazy about creating something.   
So, kindly look into my records and help me to develop my Business.
Thanking you,
Yours sincerely,

I think that you are doing well at the moment and the family as well!
I always expecting to hear only from you about our Business project

I really want to hear from you hard my friend.
Sooner and thanks,
Josiah Werner
Callphone: +261(0)33 14 368 75

We are ready to invest and we are from India.  Send me your whatsapp number to proceed....

Sathyaharikumar >

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