Co-operative farming.

Hi Everybody,
I am new to this site and new to place also(madagascar).
I am nature lover. I to would like to share with you people.
We can form co-operative farming society entry to nature lovers only.
Any body interested ? please share your IDEAs here.


tell me more in InBox please.

Hi ^-^
That's sounds cool
could you tell me more plse?
Actually I'm in France

I would like to learn more too please!

Hi everybody.
Thanks for your responce.
Basically the theam is simple...
Those who are interested to stay in nature shall come together. And purchase a land in Madagascar and enjoy the life. This is good place for retirement or holiday home. Even those who can physically work hard can establish themself.
Write down you ideas here this is our forum.

If you want I can start by looking into similar communities which already have been built. I know of one at the outskirt of Portland Oregon, a city that is worldly renown for its eco-responsible ways. I am sure there are a few communities like that in India, no?

@Christel S.
Please collect the information about similar communities. That will help us for guideline.
My family having own farmland in co-operative society in India. But in India marketing system is not good. Infrastructure is big problem. Lack of infrastructure is better than Half or bad infrastructure. I prefer Madagascar because it awaysome location and low population. Where agriculture can be voiable.

I am in Madagascar and I agree that it could be very interesting in here. Obviously, it depends on what will we feed or grow? information in INBOX (private message)?

Hi,  i have sent you a msg in your inbox.....

How is this going? Has any headway been made. This would be ideal for my family.

My family would be very interested in this. We are moving to Tana in Apirl 2012. Are there people who are really looking in to this? Is there a plot of land you are looking at??


Nice to hear but buying land is not possible for outsiders. On the other hand u can lease agricultural land .

Hi, We got many partners to start with from various network sites. Now search for land is started. Initially 10 to 15  will be the member of this co-operative society. Please suggest some locations and price.

I want to have the contact of your Director if it is Possible!
My name is Josiah, I live in Madagscar Fort-Dauphin.
I have a nice house to rent.

Thanks, Josiah

I live in Madagascar and it's a good idea! Life is not expensive here, and everything grows ... I want to help you to concretize this project.

Thanks Sir,

Therefore, What we should do and collaborate each other now?
I really need someone like you to support my Project.
Sooner, Josiah Werner

I live in the south east coast of Madagascar, Manakara. We can consider farmers like investors, so I think it's no problem to locate long term a land. And as cooperative, it's better I think. In the north of Manakara, about 75-80 km of Manakara, in the road to Tana, there is many inexploitous lands. There's noting there, and it's a good idea exploiting this lands to show malagasy people that it's possible

Thanks Ludo316,
We do not wish to show Malagasy People what is possible, but
we want to be participate them in this co-operative farming. Like friends and partners.
Do you have any details of land like area, price, legal status etc ?

I think a status of cooperative is good. For the land, I think 1.000.000 Ariary (the Malagasy money, 1 euro = 2.800 Ariary) for 1 Ha. I will see more details. The lands are the property of the governement, but there are local people who lives there without legal paper. The cooperative must negociate with these people.

Thanks Ludo 316 Please come up with details. Hope fully this coming year we shall start something.

Hi friend,
PRAY for Peace and Progress.
There will be elections on July 2013 and Malagasy people will get new president. We all shall pray for Peace and Progress of Madagascar.
Our co-operative will be starting soon.

Hi, I am Sammeer Ambeykar from Aurangabad,MS, India. Now in Nairobi. Working in Agriculture seed sector with a small seed company.  I know, not much I can do but may be just by contributing my thoughts or sometime visiting Madagasckar in future. But I like this idea. Let me know if you need my input some time - all the best, Sammeer

How about the project? The lands are avaible now: we can get it with a Cooperative

I am too interested, can invest up to 4000 USD. How much Land I can get in your co-operative farming. I also need utilities like electricity, road to city, Water and telephone facilities. Please send me Private message.

Hi amitbarve136,

It would be nice and great if the sharing of information can stay on the forum so as the other members can get help as well :)

Thank you

Expat-blog Team

Its only start. Interested people may come up with their proposals / suggestions.

Hi to all friends. Can anybody contact Mr. Josiah to know his ideas. It is difficult for me to know his ideas as I am in India.

wau that sounds intresting. I am working as a agronemist in Ethiopia and we also have a Joint venture with a local cooperative which combiens more then 6000 People. of course it Nneeds not to be as big, every thing is starting smal.

In Ethiopia the government is realy suporting the founding of cooperatives and ist not limited to ethiopians, open to all.

Even myself would like to get my Feeds into madagascar. The only Problem I see and as well I know from coopertaives in this field, agriculture is a real taff Business and it will (as Long you want to be high Level comercial) give you no space for the "romantic farm " idea.


Thanks Sir for answering my email!

How happiness is that to read your email, and I made up you mind again that the business here is very nice
if you are really want to make a project.
We can do what we like to do fo rinstance,

We can make an

- agrucultural
- firm, rising chicken
- doing a rental car
- A rental house which is the most important.

we have an Air Port as well for the import or the export as welll my best friend.
We have also a big port here in our place.

Therefore, I beg you in order to take a consideration of this important Project of yours and do not wait for a long time.

I need your idea as well Sir.
I prefer you to use this email of mine in stead of this bloc please as we have known each ather!
Here is my email address: I use it 24/24 hours

Even you want to install and buy land here then we can fix that wuthout fear and problem Sir.

I really want to hear from youy very soon.
Josiah Werner

Hi my friend!

I nly wait for your decision abpout our Project!
Your friend Josiah

My friend, where are you at the moment, and Why do you say that you don't understand me and not with me till now?

You can invest this 4000USD but only for the land but the electricity and the water project that you want to do maybe another invest as well I think so, isn't it.

I really want to hear from you soon.
Thanks, josiah

@meter69 :- yes, agree,  'romantic farm' is like a dream, but its not impossible. It works. One family of 6 people can work in 1 hector (10,000 sq. Mtrs) and can earn around USD 1000 + basic needs at free of cost. Any way earning in cash is depend on infrastructure and market structure and government support. I am agree that it is tough  and unsecure job.

@Mboaky ( Mr. Josiah ) :- Sir, as I don't know legal status of co-operative sector in Madagascar some one has to look in matter. Some local partners are important in this project. No individual can invest without legal requirement.

Technically I feel Cashew, Mango and Coconut plantation along with intercrops can be profitable in costal zone.


1000 USD per ha sounds for me to low, ok I do not know the local Prices for crops, but in General I estimate ihe turnover much higher. Important is for me that the fou nding of a coop should bring some Advantages compared with a single 1 ha farmer, by creating through the colection of members a higher surface (scale) and use just as large skale farmer the Advantages which should be
- purchasing of Inputs in bulks
- crooping plan which allows permanet present of the coop with thier products for the Clients
- Investment in infrasturcture which Needs large scale, for excampe a modern pump which suplies 30 ha in one
- creating a Branding

With the right selection of crops  ( I believe Labor intensive crops will fit to a coop) the aim should be to reach a min of 15-20K USD per anne Profit and on a Long run even 25K (assuming modern technl. such as drip, greenhouse etc.

The legal part, the Country should have a cooperative proclamation, some one has to find out, as well linked proclamation should be reviewed such as Investment proclamation, comercial coode etc. But knowing cooperative laws all over the world have a comon structure, the questions are:
- demanded min numbers of members (should be somethings around 7)
- min capital

Most likly there should be under a minsiter a department, could be in the Minister of agriculture, or trade who is responsible for cooperatives!


Has any one some Information on shipping,

1. air freight to middle east - USD per kg
2. shipping Container to Middle east Destination, how often per week! Price for refregiated Container

by the way, beside the cooperative structure it could be a alternetive to have a look at the laws and regulations for sharecompanies. The Advantage should be the single value or amount of a shareholder. This should be more flexible, as well I expect the day to day Operation for the Manager should be much easier.

One big disadvantage of a coop (also a Advantage, depending on your Point of view) is that most likly the amount of Shares a single member can hold is regulated ( estimate 10%) or / and that the law will regulate that all mebers can only hold the same numbers of Shares.

Share Company will require for sure more capital and as well a higher reserve fund by law! But running a share Company does not limte you to be as well a social Enterprise, that is in the members Hand by the shareholder Meeting and finaly by the article of association and Memorandum of association.


Depends on what and where...interested.. :)

hey friends, is this group is still active ? Are you still interested ?

I don't think so but I started a new topic  Group Farming

Great Idea, But I feel it should be like Kibbutz, not only commercial. By the way also interested in commercial farming too.

I for sure am interested.
We would be there in February. Where about are you?

Hi, I'm from Tana
My name is Mihaja
This is my phone number
*** i have a WhatsApp in this number
E-mail: ***

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